What Levittown Misses the Most #5-1


Recently we conducted a completely unscientific poll on our Facebook page to find out what stores we miss most lately in and around Levittown. We collected the almost 200 comments and ranked them according to mentions from our March 26th post. Here’s the top five!


Above is the simple question we posed to on Facebook. Given the chance, what business in or around Levittown do you wish you could have back? Here’s the front-end of the top ten list we’ve assembled from the comments:

5. Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour


Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour was a celebratory restaurant founded in 1963 that used to have a location in the old Oxford Valley Mall. Coming in at #5 on our list, a lot of folks have fond recollections of the straw border hats and player piano. But, my toddler memories include being traumatized by the loud, ambulance style sirens that I just wasn’t down with. Perhaps I wasn’t the only one as sales eventually dried up for the chain by the 1980s.

4. Pomeroy’s


Pomeroy’s was the anchor of the long-storied Levittown Shop-A-Rama where we enjoyed department-style shopping, Santa Land and excellent soft pretzels. It was eventually sold to The Bon-Ton, then became Ports of the World and ended its run as a Boscov’s – another sorely missed Levittown store.

3. Greenwood Dairies


My mom, my grand mom and two of my aunts once worked at this fabled restaurant and ice cream parlor, formerly located about where the Team Toyota dealership is now. I grew up hearing plenty of stories of what a fun place it was to work and how families came from far and wide to sample the “Pig’s Dinner” which, upon completion, you would receive a coveted button.

2. Olga’s Kitchen


Obvious by its ranking, there was something about Olga’s Kitchen that really rang our bell. It was a Mediterranean style eatery on the second floor of the old Oxford Valley Mall, a few stores down on the second floor, on the left in the classic image above. I’ve, unfortunately, never been; but I recall the restaurant having a windowed facade where you would observe both the kitchen and dining areas. I also, seem to remember something about curly fries.

1. Rollerama


Possibly because its pictures was a part of the original Facebook post or maybe it’s our nostalgic feelings for the couple’s skate, Rollerama, one of Levittown’s favorite ‘ramas, ended up at the top of the list. Personally, I don’t think I missed a roller skate party during my tenure at St. Michael the Archangel and it was one of my top selections in the article 5 Things I Miss Having in Levittown.

If you missed #6-10, you can view it HERE.

Some images via Rollerama Forever, The original Oxford Valley Mall & Uncle George.

11 thoughts on “What Levittown Misses the Most #5-1

    • I lived in Plumbridge in the 1960′s and I used to work at Three Coins as a kid in middle school cleaning floors (wooden slats) for 50 cents and hour. Later, I was hired to cook. I miss the 50cent cheese steaks and hoagies!!! The boss was Helen…tough but nice lady. As an aside, I played lead guitar in a band called the Tone-ations with my friends Chucky White, Chucky Davis, Gary Poeta, and Bill Long. My best friend was a guy name Steve Singer

  1. Olga’s Kitchen was a favorite stop whenever we visited the Oxford Valley Mall. Free refills, if I recall correctly, on Olga’s salads.One quirk of that particular location was that sometimes the cleaning crew, when mopping the floor, would spread grease from the kitchen out onto the dining area floor. This made for ‘merry mixups’ as people would occasionally go airborne as their feet went out from under them.

    Farrell’s was a favorite family gathering spot when our families were young, growing and up-and-coming. The happy confusion surrounding the birthday announcements was a favorite moment; especially after the first time we became aware of what all of the fuss was about. Wasn’t there a Duke’s restaurant adjacent to Farrell’s in the same era? I recall going there in ’77 or so when my young wife and I were still within the time frame for being considered newlyweds. The ‘old’ Oxford Valley Mall was much more a joy then compared to what it’s become today; and I am sorry to have say that.

  2. I totally miss Rollerama! My second home from home. Made so many friends I still have today! The environment and overall skating experience was priceless! I skated figure competitions and became a State Champion at 11yrs old thanks to the previous coaches/owners that sold the rink!

    Please somebody build another rink in our area!??

  3. I grew up in Northeast Philly – not too far from Roosevelt Blvd. (U.S. 1) and Cottman Av. (Penna-73). In the summertime, and especially on the hottest of summer nights, we’d beg our parents to take us up to Greenwood Dairies. The line when we got there was always long, but we didn’t mind waiting through it because of the delicious reward at the end of the wait! It’s no surprise that it’s long gone, but it’s sad to hear nonetheless. Now I’ll never get my “I was a pig at Greenwood dairies” button. Sigh.

    Sadly, the tale of what the Middletown Township Board of Supervisors put the family through when they needed to sell shows a lack of foresight all too typical of government bureaucrats. (See http://articles.philly.com/1993-07-15/news/25975317_1_dealership-retail-strip-supervisors)

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