What Levittown Misses the Most #10-6


Recently we conducted a completely unscientific poll on our Facebook page to find out what stores we miss most lately in and around Levittown. We’ve collected the almost 200 comments and ranked them according to mentions from our March 26th post. Here’s the bottom of the top ten!


Above is the simple question we posed to on Facebook. Given the chance, what business in or around Levittown do you wish you could have back? Here’s the back-end of the top ten list we’ve assembled from the comments:

10. Towne Theater


Ahh, the Towne Theater. It was once the most modern theater built in the east and resided in our own Levittown Shop-A-Rama. Lavishly equip with CinemaScope, 3-D, VistaVision and widescreen it’s no wonder why so many of us have such fond memories of Levittown’s first and only theater. (correction: The Fox Theater in the Country Club Shopping Center, now named for Langhorne, was also a Levittown Theater)

9. Two Guys


Two Guys was the K-Mart of its day and in the same shopping center decades ago. It was a popular department store where, as a youngster, I remember enjoying a miniature bowling alley in the back of the store that had little brown, kid-friendly bowling balls.

8. Woolworth’s


The F.W. Woolworth Company set trends in the modern retail world of its time and had a store in our beloved Shop-A-Rama. Known as Woolworth’s or the five-and-dime, many of us have fond memories of its diner-style bar where you could get fancy sodas, ice cream and sandwiches.

7. Po Folks


Po’ Folks was a restaurant in the Fairless Hill Shopping Center with plenty of southern charm, where Island Sun Tanning is now. Back in the late ’80s early ’90s we enjoyed their homestyle cooking that included fried chicken, country fried steak, seafood and so-forth. Yum!

6. Roosevelt Drive-In


The Roosevelt Drive-In is one of our favorite things to reminisce about. But, like many of our favorite attractions in and around town, it died a slow and unceremonious death. It had a good, 29 year, run as the Roosevelt Flea Market before its lease ran out, eventually becoming a shopping center anchored by a Target store.

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Some images via Facebook and drive-ins.com.

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