Unboxing a Local Legend – The Ginacotti

You see unboxing articles on blogs all over the internet. Usually, it’s tech writers getting their hands on the latest gadgets, like the new iPhone or Playstation, and opening them up for the first time while offering their first impressions. I thought it would be fun to apply the same formula while exploring things in and around Levittown. And, since it’s a great excuse to stuff myself, why not start with the legendary Ginacotti from Julio’s in Fairless Hills? The only difference between this article and those tech blogs is that this isn’t my first rodeo with the Ginacotti and it’s far from being a new product. But, I’ll do my best to pretend I’ve never had one to maintain the true spirit of unboxing.

JuliosStoreFront  Just a hair beyond Levittown Parkway in the Queen Anne Plaza Shopping Center you’ll find Julio’s Famous Pizzeria where the most famous thing probably isn’t their pizza. Just google Ginacotti and you’ll find that it’s synonymous with the restaurant. The Ginacotti is basically an inverted pizza where the cheese, sauce and other goodies are surrounded by a crust that is then fried. Almost everyone in our area has tried one and likely has an opinion on it ranging from good to the greatest thing ever.


Here’s what you’re going to be bringing home if you order the Ginacotti. It comes in plain, brown packaging that is easy to open with a single staple being the only potential safety hazard.

The tear in the bag area is an indication as to my eagerness.

The tear in the bag area is an indication as to my eagerness.

Inside the brown packaging is the Ginacotti itself in a simple foil wrap. At this point you can feel the radiant heat coming from its warm, cheesy core.


This is no dainty piece of food. It weighs in at over a pound so you better be hungry if you’re ordering one. You may also want to cancel your plans for the following few hours for your inevitable food coma.


After removing the foil wrap you’ll find an almost football shaped crust in all its fried glory. You may also find traces of pizza-like grease inside the wrapping that just adds to the enjoyment.


Slicing it in half reveals the cheese and sauce inside. This one happens to have pepperoni in it as well. When it comes to eating the Ginacotti, you have two options. You can pick it up with your hands and eat it or you can use the fork and knife approach. I decided to start with the fork and knife while the cheese was still melty and gooey, switching later to the handheld technique once the cheese cooled.


The taste isn’t anything unexpected and that’s not a bad thing. If you like pizza, you’re going to like the Ginacotti. Almost everything tastes great when it’s fried and, it turns out, pizza is no exception. The crust is crispy, the insides are warm and tasty, and the slow burning carbs are trippy.


Now that it’s gone I find that I’d like to sit somewhere and stare at a wall for an hour or two right after I unbuckle my belt. Unboxing the Ginacotti was a great time and I highly recommend that you do the same.

Wanna get your Ginacotti on? Call them at 215-945-4355 or visit them at juliosfamouspizzeria.com. If you already have, or if you’re planning on doing a little unboxing of your own, let us know what you think about Julio’s little gem in the comments below.

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  1. Invented in Northeast Philadelphia at Gina’s in the Summerdale section of the city. Where’s the credit?! I’m pissed off! How dare you or they say it’s their creation! It isn’t!!

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