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With the holidays behind us, and new year looming, it can only mean one thing, it’s time to start counting calories, exercising, organizing and creating a better life. Whether you believe in making resolutions or not, January is definitely the month to just do it. From getting healthy to getting organized, January is that clean slate month.

So to help you along, I’m sharing my best tips for doing just that.

If getting fit and healthy is your goal, check out the personal trainers at Extreme Fitness Personal Training The owner, Martin Mcloughlin, a Levittown native and  has dedicated his life to fitness and helping others achieve it. You will be in good hands when you walk through their doors. They do this stuff all year long, not just in January. I have been a client since August, and it is truly life changing.

There is something about this time of year that just makes me want to buy Rubbermaid bins and organize every nook and cranny of my home. When I get that urge, I browse the amazing ideas on another blog: iheartorganizing   This blog is all about organizing and re doing everything from kitchen drawers to complete bedrooms, take what you can from the site, and if you’re like me, try not to let it overwhelm you.

When it comes to hints, the internet is loaded with them. This one, is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to keeping your home warm. It’s another helpful hint from Heloise: “Want to save money on your energy bill? Have you thought about your ceiling fans lately? To use your fan in the wintertime is smart – it can help make you more comfortable.

The correct setting for a ceiling fan in winter is clockwise (when looking up), so the fan can push the warm air (hot air rises) down into the room. A properly set ceiling fan can keep you and your family more comfortable and help you save on your energy bill.

There is a switch on most ceiling fans that will change the direction of the blades. You also can check the owners manual.”

Take a minute to share your helpful hints, tips, or links with us….in the comments section.

Happy New Year!


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