Tips for installing AC window units

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

As I drove around the Delaware Valley today, from NE Philly to Chestnut Hill and back through Huntington Valley and on to our offices, I once again witnessed the dreaded yearly ritual of installing those Window Air Conditioning Units.

It reminded me of a class I went to for Mitsubishi Air Conditioning awhile back where they informed us, can’t remember the exact number, but it was something like 8 million window units are sold in the US every year and their research showed that over 90% of the people who bought those window air conditioners didn’t even like them.  It may have been more like, they hated them.

The fact that I sell central air conditioning and specialize in homes that don’t have ductwork may have something to with my unusual observations. When it comes to this subject, I think this bares further review by more people.  In fact I would like to offer a bounty for the best pictures and or videos of actual window unit installations.  The Good, the Bad, and especially the Ugly.  Let’s not forget your tips and strategies for installing your window units. Please share and help your fellow window A/C brethren.  It fascinates me on how varied and creative some homeowners can be.  Do you take them out at the end of the season? Where do you store them, do you leave them in and cover them up or leave them open to the elements?

I’ll pick the best responses and offer rewards that could range from our guy’s lending a hand to a senior citizen that can no longer do it for themselves, to giving out some recycled units given to us by homeowners that we have installed central air, to having ECI Comfort installing a completely new central air system in their home.

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