A Look Back at the Worst Winter Ever, This Year!


This weekend is going to be beautiful. And, now that winter finally feels over-ish, we can all look back at the horror of the past season and have a good chuckle. Remember when it was freezing all the time, we lost power and battled with severe depression? HA! Good times. Well, it’s time to get happy and relive those hilarious images of the not distant enough past as we say good riddance to Old Man Winter.
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Some Homeowners Sacrifice Comfort to Save Money, Here are Some Tips to Save on Both

I’ll just sleep in one of those Daniel Boone hats with the ear flaps,” she says. “Winter is not my friend.


Many homeowners fear winter’s cold and cost. So much so, that they are willing to sacrifice their own comfort to keep from spending too much money to heat their home. Here are some tips to save on both this winter: How to cut home energy bills without sacrificing comfort