Levittown’s Comfort Food


Comfort foods do just that, they make us feel better. Their mere ingredients mixed with love can evoke memories, instantly providing comfort. It’s a feel-good kind of food that serves up a heaping helping of nostalgia.

Maybe it’s the food you loved when you were a kid. Maybe it’s a simple treat you remember from long ago, that you crave and miss. Maybe you packed up and moved away, or maybe your favorite food spot did. Whatever the case, comfort foods can cure many ills.

Quite often, comfort foods bring calories along with comfort. They don’t have to be good for you, they just have to make you feel good. That’s the beauty of comfort food, it can be anything.

Many fun food places have long left Levittown. Some are still around. One of my favorite places as a kid was Pizza Star, on Woerner Avenue. It was our family’s Friday stop for take-out pizza. When I was old enough, it became my favorite hangout with  friends, making the trek from the Red Cedar section for a great deal. Back then a $1.00 could get you a slice of pizza and a small soda.


On summer nights, a special treat was  Dairy Delite on Woodbourne Road. Although, we never referred to it as Dairy Delite, never even knew that was the name. To us it was (and still is) the Cuckoo clock. Because many years ago, that’s what sat at the top of that building where the cone is now.


If you could bring back your favorite Levittown comfort food, what would it be?