Leave the Etiquette


It’s November, in beautiful Bucks County! Chilly, sunny days are here. You know what that means…

Leaves, yes, lots of leaves on the ground. Personally, I like the way they make my lawn look. The colors are brilliant,especially when the sun shines. Golden yellow, purple, vibrant red and burnt orange. An Autumn blanket. We are lucky to live in an area with the change of seasons. Although  I have noticed, there is a definite buzz, at least, on my street about the way we remove our leaves.

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Santa Claus is Coming to Levittown

‘Tis the Season…and what better way to kick it off than a visit from Santa Claus? It has become a  tradition, growing up in Levittown, to watch Santa ride through the streets of each section, on a big red fire truck.

Thanks, to Levittown Fire Company No. 2, Santa will be escorted as he throws candy canes and greets children on his Levittown tour.

Standing on the curb of our Levittown home, chatting with neighbors as Santa rides by, has become a fun tradition for our family. What Levittown Christmas traditions do you enjoy?

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Levittown Mom: A Chance to Win 100 Gallons of FREE Home Heating Oil

Have you ever had one of those days?

Standing in my Levittown kitchen, gazing out the window (on my toes of course) surveying the weekday morning. On my quiet street, not a lot happens. So when an oil truck appears, its everybody’s business.

On a slow day, I like to peek out to see who is getting a delivery.

One day, as I stood watching I was shocked and amazed when the oil truck stopped in front of my house. But, I didn’t order any oil. The truck driver jumped out of the truck, and extended the long hose, headed for my house.

In that moment, I froze, What do I do?  Do I tell him that he has the wrong house, or do I wait a few minutes and let him fill the tank?

What would you do?

Imagine if an oil delivery truck arrived at your house to deliver 100 gallons of oil, for FREE,  and it wasn’t a mistake?

That’s what one lucky winner will get in myexpressoil.com’s 100 Gallon Giveaway.


Simply head to their facebook page and click “LIKE” to be entered, it’s that simple

Winners will be chosen on November 30th. What a great way to start your holiday season,  with an extra $343.00 in your wallet.

Levittown Experts Answer your Questions

In Levittown, the best referrals are those we receive from friends and  neighbors. Levittown Comfort is your hyper- local, online source for that information. That’s why we are compiling a panel of local experts to answer your questions and meet your needs as a Levittown homeowner.

Our Ask the Expert series, comprised of businesses who provide service to homes in Levittown, will answer your questions. We want to hear your questions about your Levittown home, from the inside out,  from the top to bottom (even underground).

We will be featuring experts from  the businesses you see in your neighborhood, every day. Our goal is to share their knowledge with you in your search for  quality service and comfort in Levittown.

Our “Experts” will share monthly blog posts and be a part of out online network.

To submit your question for an Expert, or for more information on joining our professional panel, post your comment here or send an email to: comfortcurator@gmail.com

Fuel Prices Stable, Cold Weather Ahead


The home heating season, has officially begun .

Though many Levittowners vow not to turn on their heaters before the calendar reads November, they may be finding that a little more difficult this year. November temperatures have already crept in on this second week of October.

Many worry that although oil prices appear to be stable, a colder winter may be in store. Forecasters have already promised a return of winter. As in, real winter, snowstorms and the like.

The kids are ecstatic about this news, already planning how they will spend their winter days off.

And, I am ready.

My family gave up on home heating oil, two years ago when our Levittown Rancher’s original York heater took a turn for the worse. We bid it adieu and  decided it was time to switch over to all -electric. To offset the cost of a rising PECO bill during chilly months, we also employ a wood-burning stove. Burning wood is a great alternative to burning oil, especially when you find wood for free. Many of our neighbors still depend on the oil truck deliveries, so I felt it was worth mentioning some points from this recently posted article.

Fuel prices

While the amount of fuel needed to heat a home depends on the size of the home, how well it is insulated and the efficiency of the furnace or stove used to produce the heat, the following prices show how home heating fuel prices have changed over the last three winters.

Read more about why even though fuel prices are stable, colder weather may still spike bills

Mom Arrested for Letting Kids Play Outside


I rarely dare to start a sentence with ‘when I was a kid..” for fear of sounding old. But, this story prompts the urge. Growing up in Levittown in the 1970′s, the neighborhood streets and fence-less yards were our playground. Parents busied themselves with yard work and home improvement projects, while we roamed the town. It was completely acceptable back then. The kids on my street, were no stranger to a game of ‘kick the can’, kickball, wiffle ball, flash light tag or manhunt, the last two, for obvious reasons, only played at night. On school nights, our curfew was determined by the glow of the street lights, or the cue from  our father ; his distinct whistle. That was when we knew it was time to head home and get a bath. Whatever the case, parents did not supervise these outings, nor were they expected to.

So, what has changed? Why are we now more cautious than ever with our kids? And why was this Texas mom arrested for allowing her kids to play outside?

Video: Mom Arrested for Letting Kids Play Outside

Do you miss the way things used to be? Do you hover over your kids, or let them roam free? Share YOUR story in the Comments section.

5 Things Stay-at-Home-Moms Do Not Sign up For

The dream was filled with relaxing mornings, and endless cups of coffee enjoyed with other neighborhood moms, while our little ones played.


I was once that mom, clutching a coffee cup, waving to the little ones as they bounced off to school, then shuffling  back into the house, in my slippers, to the waiting laundry and cleaning.

Then, when my son began Kindergarten, and I  became one of those moms who gets up early, showers, irons decent clothes, blow dries her hair, puts on make-up and heads out the door to work.

Today, I ship the kids off to school, and skip back into the house…to work. Some days, I forget to shower. I have experienced it all. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom, a work outside the home mom, and now a work-from-home mom.

My kids? well, they just call me Mom.

Years ago, when I would day dream, in my cubicle, about my life as a Stay- at- Home- Mom. The dream was filled with relaxing mornings, and endless cups of coffee enjoyed with other neighborhood moms, while our little ones played. The day would end with a home cooked meal and a relaxing read on the front porch. Let’s just say that’s not exactly how things went. For starters, I don’t even have a front porch.

Apparently, I was not alone in feeling duped by the Stay-at-Home fantasy. Read about the other things SAHM’s don’t sign up for and the truth behind the myth SAHM’s don’t sign up for and the truth behind the myth