Spotlight On: Jo Jo’s Ice Cream

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This weeks Spotlight is on Debra Kalbach, owner of a Levittown icon, Jo Jo’s Ice Cream! Let’s find out a little about her…..

Where did you grow up ?

My parents were original owners in the Elderberry section. I now live in Pennwood Crossing.  I also lived in Thornridge for 20 years.

Tell us about your husband / kids.

 I first married in 1979, we had 3 children, Joey, Crystal, and Joshua.  I re-married in 2005

Where did you go to high school ? 

I went to Pennsbury HS and graduated from there in 1975

What do you guys like to do with your free time ?

Traveling is our hobby, when Jo Jo’s is closed that is what we do. We love to cruise or go to all inclusive places !

What are some of your favorite things about Levittown ?

Levittown has always been my home. I loved walking to the Levittown Shopping Center as a kid and the events they had there such as the Easter Parade, Santa arriving in a helicopter. I loved the LPRA. I have so many great memories of growing up in Levittown.  I had wonderful parents who always taught me to reach for the stars, which is what I always did.  “if you think you can, you will, If you think you can’t, then you won’t” I live by that, as well as to show respect, loyalty and concern.

What do you like about Levittown Comfort’s page?  

I just love reading it!

Okay, let’s hear about Jo Jo’s Ice Cream.

In 1988, my first husband and I were asked about what we thought about opening the old Chippers. I thought, WOW, but all I knew about ice cream was how to eat it ! After some time talking to the owners we decided to give it a try and we opened in 1989. After early trials and errors we kept at it until we got it perfect.  We make everything right here in the store!  I am happy to say that after 24 years we are one of the leading ice cream sores in Levittown. I think our secret is that we put lots of love into every product that we make!!  My oldest son knows everything about the business, he really is like my right arm. I consider it a mom and son shop. Without his help it would be much more difficult. I truly appreciate my son and all he does to make the store successful. He knows everything about it, he should, he grew up in it !!!

Great story, lastly, tells about the fundraising efforts at Jo Jo’s.

Around 3 years ago, a young mother of 2, Neysa Arena Stagliano , a stage 4 colon cancer patient at the time, came to me asking about maybe a 10-15% percent fundraiser. I thought, you know what, I have been in business a long time, and it is time to give back to this wonderful community, so I said yes to Neysa and told her we would donate 20% and off went the off went the fundraising events. Since then , every Tuesday from 6-9 we hold a fundraiser for different charities. A local dj, Jeffrey Weiman, provides entertainment and donates his time, we have basket auction as well. Sadly, Neysa passed away this past December and is greatly missed, but I am most grateful to her for opening my eyes to fundraising. I believe she is still at every event we do.  Last year we raised a little over $32,000.00 and we are already at $38,051.52 this year !!! These events truly warm my heart more than you can imagine. I get happy tears all the time and love it.  We do have a great community.

Thanks so much Debra. We have happy tears too!

Levittown, if you know of anyone that should have the “spotlight” on them, please email

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Hope For Hannah T-shirt Fundraiser

Levittown Fill_navy backround

Okay, here it is.  The Levittown t-shirt  inspired by the Sections challenge we held on Levittown Comfort. We met with the gang from the sponsor of that challenge, 41 Sections, and together we have decided that all proceeds from the shirt be donated to Hope for Hannah and her cause. First up , lets send a thank you to the sponsors of this shirt, which will assist in the production cost of the shirts, and allow all of us to raise more proceeds from the sale !!  They are …….

41 Sections

MG Apparel Team

ECI.  Real Comfort. Real Simple

Kiss Electric

Scappa’s Trattoria  

The Five Four Bar  

Keeping with 41 Sections apparel quality standards, these shirts will be made right here in the USA and be on sale for $16.

The shirt drive will kick off Wednesday morning with an announcement on Levittown Comfort. We do have a few more spots for sponsors left,  if any business or group would like to chip in. Start spreading the word now to your L-Town family and friends, don’t miss out on this really cool shirt, and all for a  great cause as well !

And just in case you haven’t heard of this story, check out the about section on their Facebook page here……

Stay tuned,

Levittown Comfort

Letting your consumers experience your services

Inbound marketing, Content marketing, Online video marketing.  This is the new way of branding and marketing. These video productions are a fun, comfortable way to let your potential customers experience whatever service you supply whether it be landscapers, roofers, mechanics, florists, hair stylists, you name it, these videos increase the consumers confidence by over 50% by getting to know you and your services at their leisure.

These video’s are being offered 295.00 for businesses that sign up for any of our marketing packages.

Yes, 295.00!!   Don’t miss out on this special pricing.  Contact Mike at Comfort Media group at 610 476 9214 or if you would like more info.

Homeowner Electrical Safety Tips from Kiss Electric

Electrical problems pic

Some Tips from Kiss Electric to prevent electric problems.
Do not to start working with electricity if you do not know how to safely handle the project !
  1. Do not manipulate an electrical appliance , unplug it before doing the repair job.
  2. If the work to be done is on a circuit,  turn off the power.
  3. Do not work in damp area’s or touch electrical equipment with wet hands.
  4. There should never a flexible cord under a carpet where it can deteriorate and leave electrical wires exposed.
  5. Never use staples to attach the wires to the wall. It could pierce the cable and leave hazardous risks
  6. If you have a damaged electric cable / cord, it is best to replace it with another and not try to repair it with tape.

If you have any questions about possible electrical hazards and would like to ask Joe a question, click on their logo below. They would be glad to help you.


Levittowners Share What Comfort Is

I presented my loyal Facebook fans with a writing prompt, quite a few obliged.

The prompt was simple.

Finish this sentence “Comfort is….”

Comfort  comes in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has their own idea of what comfort is. The focus of this blog is to share with other Levittowners, your  comfort experience, and also to share things that may have made you feel not so comfortable. Neighbors helping neighbors, is the true beauty of this hyper-local niche website.

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Levittown Comfort’s Tips, Hints, and Links for the Week (after Sandy)

Today I am sharing tips, hints, and links for the week (after Sandy). I am asking homeowners to share, in our Comments section, who you are calling to replace your roof, remove fallen trees, or help any other hurricane damage. I am also asking Levittown businesses to share what free or discounted services you are offering this week to get homeowners back on their feet.

While many Levittowners spent much of last week disconnected and without power, I was moved by the story of an  11-year old, Hoboken girl  offering internet, electricity and coffee to neighbors in need with all donations being sent to the Red Cross.

If you weren’t able to make it to Shop Rite this past week, don’t worry about racking up your Free Turkey dollars, they are reducing the required amount from $400 down to $300, as a result of Hurricane Sandy.


~ Calvary Full Gospel Church, on Trenton Road shared with me that they are taking food donations to help the community. Contact them for information (215) 736-2366.

~ Wick Renovations is offering 15% OFF Hurricane Sandy repairs. Call Jim  at (215) 779-9080 for your free estimate. Must mention this ad and cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires 11/30/12.

Share your comments with our readers, today.