Levittowners Share What Comfort Is

I presented my loyal Facebook fans with a writing prompt, quite a few obliged.

The prompt was simple.

Finish this sentence “Comfort is….”

Comfort  comes in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has their own idea of what comfort is. The focus of this blog is to share with other Levittowners, your  comfort experience, and also to share things that may have made you feel not so comfortable. Neighbors helping neighbors, is the true beauty of this hyper-local niche website.

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Growing up in Levittown: Remember Gaudio’s?

If you grew up in Levittown, you remember the house in Kenwood with the living room window display at Christmas time. Growing up in Levittown, it became a family tradition for many.

We spent many Christmases stopping by to see the Kenwood House. This wasn’t your everyday holiday decorating. This house was not a drive-by. The house on Kenwood Drive was a house that demanded to be seen, up close.

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I can see the Waste Management Landfill from my back door

I can see the Landfill from my front door. On a good day? I can smell it too.

The Waste Management Landfill or ‘dirty diaper mountain’, as my kids refer to it, is growing daily.

My family enjoys summers at the Penn Warner Club, where we  fish and camp in warmer months. In recent years we have found these activities less enjoyable as the air in Tullytown is thick and uneasy to breathe. All thanks to the Waste Management Landfill.

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The My Express Oil 100- Gallon Giveaway and a Levittown Winner

One lucky winner has been chosen in the MyExpressOil.com 100- Gallon Giveaway.

The Levittown winner will be announced soon.

Last year, My Express Oil awarded the prize to three recipients. Bobbi Velez from Croydon recalls winning last year’s contest, “It’s was great, we were out of oil and it was perfect timing. We didn’t have the money at that time to purchase fuel.”Velez explained that she lives on a social security check, once a month, and it was not due to arrive for another week. The 100 gallons of FREE oil, really saved us!”

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