Levittowners Share What Comfort Is

I presented my loyal Facebook fans with a writing prompt, quite a few obliged.

The prompt was simple.

Finish this sentence “Comfort is….”

Comfort  comes in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has their own idea of what comfort is. The focus of this blog is to share with other Levittowners, your  comfort experience, and also to share things that may have made you feel not so comfortable. Neighbors helping neighbors, is the true beauty of this hyper-local niche website.

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Levittown Mom and Holiday Returns

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly. ~  Andy Rooney

I love this quote, yet only moments after opening presents, my OCD took over and I threw out all the wrapping paper at once, then began stacking gifts into neat little piles. After that,  I started the pile for returns.

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I can see the Waste Management Landfill from my back door

I can see the Landfill from my front door. On a good day? I can smell it too.

The Waste Management Landfill or ‘dirty diaper mountain’, as my kids refer to it, is growing daily.

My family enjoys summers at the Penn Warner Club, where we  fish and camp in warmer months. In recent years we have found these activities less enjoyable as the air in Tullytown is thick and uneasy to breathe. All thanks to the Waste Management Landfill.

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Santa Claus is Coming to Levittown

‘Tis the Season…and what better way to kick it off than a visit from Santa Claus? It has become a  tradition, growing up in Levittown, to watch Santa ride through the streets of each section, on a big red fire truck.

Thanks, to Levittown Fire Company No. 2, Santa will be escorted as he throws candy canes and greets children on his Levittown tour.

Standing on the curb of our Levittown home, chatting with neighbors as Santa rides by, has become a fun tradition for our family. What Levittown Christmas traditions do you enjoy?

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Levittown Mom: The Snow Day Let-Down

Snow days off from school are always a welcome treat.

Who can resist an unexpected day off from the daily routine, completely stuck in the house?

It’s the perfect excuse to stay in pajamas, build a fire, bake cookies, and prepare a  home cooked meal.

I enjoy snow days so much more now that my kids are able to climb into snow gear, gloves, hats, boots all on their own. They even know how to take it all off by themselves. I stand in the doorway, wait for the basket to be filled with wet clothes, and cart them all off to the dryer, to get them nice and toasty for their next venture out into the blizzard. It’s a small price to pay for an hour of quiet as they play  in the snow covered yard.

I have fond memories of snow days back in the 70′s: lying in bed, listening to he crackle of WBCB, patiently waiting for our school to be announced as closed for the day. We would wait as they announced the name of every school, knowing ours would be next, excited that we could roll over and go back to sleep, yet we never did-  as we were so excited to have a day off, to play outside in the white stuff.

Now, school closing alerts can be text-ed direct to parents cell phones, or found scrolling underneath the morning news, even accessed on a school website.

It’s just not the same.

But the excited feeling, of having an entire day to build igloos, and eat icicles ,it’s exactly the same as I remember.

And? even nicer viewed from a warm house.

That was exactly what my children envisioned yesterday, after predictions of 2 to 4 inches of snow filled their heads. Yet, much to their surprise, they awoke Thursday morning to business as usual. No snow day, no day off. Off to school you go.

They’ve got some nerve. After 5 unexpected Hurricane days, the last thing they needed was to stay home again!

What’s your Levittown Snow Day memory?

Levittown Mom Shares: 5 Things You Can Do While Waiting in the Carpool Line

We’ve all been there. Sitting idle for 10, maybe 15 minutes or more. Waiting. Waiting for the kids to walk out of school. Anticipating the arrival of  backpacks, half-eaten lunches, and art projects. I’m all about using every minute of the day to be productive, in fact, I devised this list while waiting in the carpool line. It’s my  list of the  5 Things you can do while waiting in the car pool line.


Because on most days, I sit behind the wheel of my minivan, and daydream. I sit and wait for my kids to file out of school, watch as they wander along the path with their friends. They can be seen trudging along, weighed down by backpacks, empty lunch bags, and large pieces of construction paper.

As I wait, I mentally prepared for the meal I will make for dinner, the homework I will supervise, the fights over the better pencil and the inevitable:” can you tell him to stop whistling while I am studying?!”

I fantasize about reading that new book calling my name, knowing I will instead, begin the laundry marathon that is Wednesday night. As I ponder all of these thoughts , I  ask myself a very important question. The answer that will hold the key to my  sanity. The question, ‘How early is too early to slip into my comfy pajamas?’

Here are 5 things you can do while waiting in the car pool line (after you’ve mentally slipped into your comfortable pajamas.)

1. Reorganize the contents of your glove compartment. While you’re at it, let’s call it what it really is: a junk trap. Lord knows, I’ve never stored a pair of gloves in that thing in my life.

2. Read a good book. Surely you can breeze through at least one chapter while you wait. Recline that driver’s seat, turn up the heater, and dive in.

3. Catch up on all of your missed voice mails, text messages, and emails. (Or scroll through facebook statuses) whichever makes you feel more productive.

4. Mentally prepare for your night ahead. This mental preparation may appear to be a nap, as you close your eyes and breathe deep you will ready yourself for the impending chaos. Whatever works.

5. Write. Keep a journal in your purse and jot down all the wonderful, hilarious things your children say and do. You may not find them amusing now, but you are sure to chuckle in years to come. Also? it will remind you of simpler days. When they’re are grown and moved out, you can reflect on a time when life was as simple as waiting for kids to be dismissed from elementary school.





Fuel Prices Stable, Cold Weather Ahead


The home heating season, has officially begun .

Though many Levittowners vow not to turn on their heaters before the calendar reads November, they may be finding that a little more difficult this year. November temperatures have already crept in on this second week of October.

Many worry that although oil prices appear to be stable, a colder winter may be in store. Forecasters have already promised a return of winter. As in, real winter, snowstorms and the like.

The kids are ecstatic about this news, already planning how they will spend their winter days off.

And, I am ready.

My family gave up on home heating oil, two years ago when our Levittown Rancher’s original York heater took a turn for the worse. We bid it adieu and  decided it was time to switch over to all -electric. To offset the cost of a rising PECO bill during chilly months, we also employ a wood-burning stove. Burning wood is a great alternative to burning oil, especially when you find wood for free. Many of our neighbors still depend on the oil truck deliveries, so I felt it was worth mentioning some points from this recently posted article.

Fuel prices

While the amount of fuel needed to heat a home depends on the size of the home, how well it is insulated and the efficiency of the furnace or stove used to produce the heat, the following prices show how home heating fuel prices have changed over the last three winters.

Read more about why even though fuel prices are stable, colder weather may still spike bills