Spring Saving Tips

Money Saving Spring Tips from Kiss Electric

Kiss Electric, LLC, a Levittown based company,  has been in business for over 13 years servicing Pennsylvania, the greater Philadelphia area, New Jersey and Delaware. Our company provides electrical contractor servicing for industrial, commercial, and residential customers. They have shared a few money saving tips for you below for the upcoming spring season.

  • Naturally cool your home by opening windows
  • Naturally dry your laundry out in the sunlight
  • Naturally light your home by drawing back blinds and shades and letting sunshine in
  • Set  your thermostat accordingly if you are taking a trip this spring or summer
  • Make sure to include your refrigerators coils in your spring cleaning
  • Call your HVAC contractor and have your unit serviced before summer
  • Trim shrubs and vines around your outside heating and cooling units
  • Get an electrician to install a timer on your hot water heater and lower the thermostat to 120*
  • Install a programmable thermostat to help cool your home more efficiently

Just a few ideas on how to help you save during the spring and summer seasons.  Enjoy!

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