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It’s a busy and exciting time at Wade’s Comic Madness on New Falls Road lately as they gear up for Free Comic Book Day and the Team Willa Fundraiser this Saturday, May 3rd. The other day I stopped by to catch up with Wade and tour his awesome store. Get to know Wade, his awesome store and all about the madness about to take place this weekend!


LC: Tell us about yourself.

I was actually born and raised in New Jersey (don’t hate me!) When I was very young, we lived in Browns Mills, which is in the NJ Pine Barrens; it’s rumored that I didn’t have a pair of shoes on my feet until I was two years old. It’s also rumored that was the Jersey Devil, so take from that what you will. We moved to PA when I was in 5th Grade, and we’ve been in the area ever since. I graduated from Pennsbury High, which is funny because now my store is directly across from that darn place — there’s no escaping it!

LC: Tell us about your family.

My family is great — I’m the eldest of four kids, and it’s a pretty close race as far as who’s the oddest one out us siblings; it’s probably me. No, actually it’s my sister…wait, definitely my brother. Nope, the other brother. Love both my crazy parents, not really a bad thing to say about them. And now I’ve started a family of my own, with a wonderfully wacky wife and two amazing oddball kids. Can’t beat it.


LC: When did you first start reading comics and what were a few of your favorites?

I was a pretty big reader as a youngster, enjoying a lot of fantasy books like The Chronicles Of Narnia and such; then I really started getting into comics — they had a similar fantasy appeal, but came out every month! I always preferred more of the “street-level” heroes rather than the unbelievably powerful Superman-type characters; I was all about Daredevil, Captain America and Batman, and a lot of the lesser-known guys like Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Nighthawk, The Badger (yes, there is a comic called “The Badger”, haha).


LC: Tell us all about Wade’s Comic Madness.

Ahh, The Madness — very aptly named, for sure. I often joke “Why couldn’t I have named it ‘Wade’s Tidy & Organized Calmness’?!” Sometimes owning your own business is enough to make you pull your hair out, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. It’s been an incredibly rewarding journey, one which continues to grow and change to this day. And to think it all started about twenty years ago with a single little table in the corner of a video store… one thing led to another and *POOF*, a few decades later we have this big wild place that people love to visit (I hope.)


LC: Tell us a little about the fundraiser you have coming up on Saturday.

I found out about Willa’s sickness about a month ago — a terrible situation, certainly; I don’t even want to think about what her family is going through. But it was fortuitous timing in the fact that our biggest day of the year, Free Comic Book Day, was quickly approaching. I decided to build the fundraiser around that day; or more accurately, to build that day around the fundraiser. If we can take the fun and excitement of FCBD and channel that positive energy into charitable actions, we should be able to help out at least a bit.

LC: What do you like to do with your free time?

“Free time”? That’s a thing?? haha While I do wish that there was waaaayyyy more of it, once every so often I do get the chance to relax and unwind. It’s great to just lounge around with the fam and catch up on some TV, go out to eat, or hit up a good movie. On occasion, I even get to crack open one of those comic books I’ve been hearing about!


LC: What are some of your favorite things about Levittown?

Levittown has a sense of history and community that you don’t find everywhere. It has just about anything you need within a five-minute drive, but there’s still space enough where it doesn’t feel cramped like in the city. And even if it’s not the most affluent area, you’ll come across so many individuals that will go above and beyond to help a neighbor or even a stranger in need. The incredible generosity I’ve seen from people in the last few weeks is humbling, and I couldn’t be more proud to have them as my customers and friends. Go L-Town!

Thanks so much, Wade. It was nice catching up with you and I wish you the best of luck with the big fundraiser on Saturday! I’m looking forward to stopping by and seeing all the wacky costumes during the costume contest. And, yes; go L-Town!!

If you want to keep track of all the craziness that is Wades’s Comic Madness you can follow them on their Facebook page or visit their website.

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