Spotlight On: Trenton Road Take Out


Before 1986 this was known as Trenton Road Tavern. But, one thing led to another and it ended up evolving into one of Levittown’s favorite places to pick up a six. Recently we caught up with Mike Feinman and his daughter Nicole at Trenton Road Take Out.


Classic Trenton Road Take Out. Remember public phones?

LC: Tell us a little about yourself.

I moved to Levittown at the age of 3 in 1955 from the Strawberry Mansion Section of Philadelphia. Graduated from Neshaminy High school in 1970 and Penn State in 1974 with a degree in Civil Engineering. I went directly into the family business, which was Trenton Road Tavern, which turned into Trenton Road Take Out in 1986.


LC: Tell us about your family.

Married my wife Leslie in 1975, she also grew up in Levittown, we moved into our home in the Elderberry Section in 1976 and have been here ever since. We have three children who went to Pennsbury. Nicole has been working with me since 2000. Robin lives in Arlington, Va. and is the Washington Area Marketing Manager for Deloitte. Jay lives in Annandale, Va. and is a project Manager for PwC. Nicole has 3 girls, Payton 16, Madison 8 and Jayden 6.


Mike the “Lord of the List” and Nicole

LC: Could you tell us about the legend of SMAS or Sir-Mix-a-Six?


SMAS, the Lord of the List

SMAS was a shorting of Sir Mix A Six by one of my customers on Facebook. Sir Mix A Six started about 3 years ago when we started to sell singles of all the beers we carry, where you could just come in and mix a six of beer with no up charge in price. Whatever the price of the six pack I split, I would just divide by six to get the price. Some places will up charge when the split a package up.

SMAS also became known as “The Lord Of The List”, people would ask him to put them on the list for beers that are allocated to Trenton Road and are very limited. When the beers come in, the people on the list would have a bottle waiting for them for 2 weekends. If the list were bigger than the amount of beer received than the others would be on the back up list and would move up if someone did not pick up their beers.

Evil SMAS was created by Justin Coons a local graphic artist and customer, he has become the Face of Trenton Road Take Out. He controls the lists and who gets one and who don’t.

LC: What do you like to do with your free time?

At the age of 61, my free time is taken up mostly by updating my Facebook page, communicating with my customers and updating The Lists. Oh yeah, taking long walks with the wife of 38 years and playing with the 3 dogs and the 2 little grandchildren .


LC: What are some of your favorite things about Levittown?

Levittown is just my way a life, V&S Pizza, Kasdons, Golden Dawn Diner and just the Levittown Life. Levittown Comfort, just keeps it local.

I just want to say to you what I had already said to my customers. The whole Facebook experience has revitalize my interest into coming to work, I love communicating with my customers, using the TRT facebook, sometime like the old chat rooms on AOL. It gives me great pleasure when I can get a beer that a customer requested and fulfill the list with beer they wanted. I actually enjoy going to work now and appreciate the great feedback I get from my customers.

Thank you Mike and Nicole for letting us get to know you, and the legendary SMAS, better. We love Trenton Road Take Out and wish you many more years of success.

If you’re looking to pick up a six, get your beer growler filled or want to get on SMAS’ list you can find Trenton Road Take Out on 1024 Trenton Road, at their Facebook page or call 215-736-1389.

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