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Winter has been wreaking havoc on our local roads this year. New potholes are showing up daily and has made the routine trip to the market more like a video game. If you’ve zigged when you should have zagged while avoiding a pothole and did damage to your tire or rim, where’s the best place to go? If you’re ask around our area, you’ll inevitably be recommended to Tire-City. Their reputation in our area is undeniable.

We recently stopped by Tire-City to talk to Sandy to find out more about Tire-City’s history, some winter tips for your tires and some of their favorite memories of Levittown:

LC: Where did you grow up and how did Tire-City get its start?

Our father was born and raised in Marion, VA. He met our mom in VA, they got married and moved to Philadelphia, PA to find work. He started working at Yale and Town and they lived in the Northeast Village, until they purchased a home in the Goldenridge section of Levittown and that is where we grew up until 1973 when we moved to Langhorne, PA.

Our dad was a very easy calm man, we never heard him complain about anybody or anything. He taught us to respect others and to help others. He never seemed to worry about anything, and he worked his tail off at all times, whether it was at Tire-City or at home.

In 1958 our dad and his friend Al started buying and selling used tires out of a trailer on Woodbourne Road. By the next year the property on Route 413 in Bristol, PA became available and they decided to take their chance and they opened up Tire-City. Over the next three years they opened eighteen tire stores throughout Delaware Valley and parts of New Jersey. They were also operating out of a bus where they named themselves the CISCO kids.

It became hard to manage all the stores so they sold them and kept the one where it all began, the one on Route 413 in Bristol, PA. His partner decided to leave and sole ownership for Tire-City belonged to our father. He worked very hard and long hours to keep his promise to the bank and rubber companies and he always fulfilled his promises. Our father loved people and hearing stories he also loved talking to them and helping them out. He would give the kids rides in his mule (golf cart) and always say this little one will be back when they start driving. He knew they were the reason why he was in business and he always treated them like they were one of his own.

Tire City circa 1959

Tire-City circa 1959


Tire-City today.

LC: Tell us more about Boney Jones.

Sadly to say our father passed away in 2005 and the business is now being run by the family. Nothing has changed much around Tire-City since the day our father opened his front doors, however we have had a few much needed facelifts for more comfort and ease on our customers and more weather protection for our dedicated employees.

LC: Can you offer any advice on how to get through this time of year?

Our best advice on how to get through tough times and tough weather like we are having this year is too keep your tires checked at all times. Be sure they have the correct air pressure in them, and make sure they have tread. Tires are a very important essential part of your automobile, they need to be kept in tip top shape so you can be safe on the roads, and other people can be safe. Every person who enters your automobile is special cargo so it’s important you protect them and the other people on the streets. We suggest you keep your eyes open for potholes and try to avoid them. The potholes are very deep since we have had so much moisture due to this wet winter. If you hit at pothole at a high rate of speed you could do damage on your front end and more than likely you will need a new tire. Stop in anytime we are open and we will be happy to help you and check out your automobile.


LC: What are some of your favorite things about Levittown?

Like I said earlier we grew up in Goldenridge and enjoyed many lovely memories of Levittown. Levittown was a great place to grow up in. Our dad would always pile us up in the car and take us ice skating at Silver Lake. We learned how to swim by taking swimming lessons at the LPRA pool in Indian Creek. We use to sit on top of our roof and watch the fireworks from Saint Mikes fair. We played man hunt and our parents never needed to worry about where we were. Played ball for the Levittown Internationals which Tire City sponsored a lot of the teams over the years and we still do.  As we got older we were even allowed to walk to the Levittown Shopping Center. We always had to go outside for the day to play and there were so many kids to play with. Loved hearing the O’Boyles Ice Cream truck coming down the street, and yes we also ran behind the mosquito man, little did we know that was not a good idea. We grew up with so many friends and neighbors and they are now our faithful customers along with their children. We are very blessed and honored to have our customers put so much trust and faith into Tire-City. They are the ones who spread the word and they are our advertisement. Thank you and God Bless.

Thank you, Sandy, for letting us get to know you and Tire-City more, as well as sharing some Levittown Memories. If you lost a zig-zag match to a pothole or need any other tire services call them at 215-785-2255 or visit their website

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