Levittown Spotlight: Scream 4 America

Karen DelRosso likes to scream. An avid horror movie fan, and haunted house actor, she  likes make other people scream, too. So when she decided to start her own non-profit organization to help local veterans, it seemed only natural that she name it Scream 4 America. The organization follows the motto: “creatures and civilians united for our veterans”. Karen and her Scream crew are raising money for local Vietnam Veterans organizations in Lower Bucks County.

Karen had a dream to start her own  non-profit as far back as she can remember. She just wasn’t sure where to start. She was familiar with  Make-A- Wish Foundation and The Red Cross, both around for decades. She wondered if she would ever be able to start something of her own, something that would support a cause close to her heart.

Feeling  overwhelmed, she decided to scrap the whole non-profit idea. Then, about 6 months ago, she attended a horror convention and had an idea. A horror fan all of her life, Karen has attended numerous events and conventions. This time was different. She noticed the long list of horror fans, actors, haunted house owners, and representatives from various Haunts  who were raising money for their own causes: anti-bullying burn victims,inner city schools, even smaller non profits  raising money for children’s hospitals and breast cancer.  She realized that many of these organizations were being run by everyday people, just like her. She decided that she could do the same.

Karen decided to start a non-profit organization to assist local veterans, a  cause  near to her  heart. Karen’s husband is a retired US Navy Sailor, her dad is also a retired Marine. She has been surrounded by the military her whole life, grandfather, uncles,even her  father in law.

A fan of horror films her entire life, Karen has worked for a local haunt, Festival of Fears,  for many years. She takes pride in being a part of such a great community. Karen realizes that  many people in what she refers to as ” mainstream America” or “horror civilians” don’t understand that the horror community isn’t as strange or dark as they may seem. They are actually some of the most compassionate and open- minded people you will ever meet.

Karen and her husband, Vince live in Levittown with their two cats, Schmidt and Carter.   To learn more about Scream 4 America, visit their facebook page :


~*Scream 4 America*~
Creatures and Civilians United for a Common Good!



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