Scheduling your Levittown Home Maintenance for the New Year

For many OCD, overly- organized types, January is quite an exciting month. It is the month for a fresh new calendar.

Just think about that for a minute, a fresh sheet of paper, proudly displaying a new month and new year at the top. Doesn’t it make your heart flutter? Okay, maybe it’s just me.

It reminds me a little bit of back- to- school shopping; new crayons, the smell of loose leaf, and freshly sharpened pencils, feelings that warm the soul.

January has always been my month to start a fresh daily planner and diligently scribble in everything important for the new year, month by month. Birthdays, doctor appointments, after school activities, the list is endless.

As I browse the the upcoming year, I realized some things needed to be added, things that will need to be done around the house that never actually make it onto the calendar. Things like a chimney sweep, changing filters on the forced hot air unit, and power washing the side of the house.

A household binder is the perfect  tool for organizing all of this information as well as who to call to get these jobs done. To create your own month by month task list for your home, check out this Home Maintenance Checklist

Want to be really creative ? start your own home maintenance binder with these simple instructions.


I am asking our Levittown Experts to share their advice on what should be scheduled and when? For example, when is a good time to spray for termites, schedule maintenance on your boiler, your roof, your HVAC system? Post your advice, here in our Comments section.


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