Paying it Forward ! How some help out.

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It started off helping a friend out with a cause. It quickly became a way for us to pay it forward within our community.  One thing I have always admired is a group or a community coming together to pull someone up off the mat. I always enjoyed helping out with these events, whether it was setting up tables, selling tickets, donating a basket etc.


So it grew from there. One friend talked to another and we were supplying shirts for a few more benefits. So we put it out there to the public from there as a way to help out.  If you are having a fundraiser to help out a cancer patient, someone who lost everything in a fire, flood victims, you get the gist, we want to help out.   It’s our way of giving back! And it is always for a wonderful cause.   We donate our time, you pay for product and print only.  This hopefully helps the cause raise more revenue  with t-shirt sales and such.

If you know of a group or individual who we could help out, please pass this along and have someone submit a request to

We only ask that you send us an invite to the event !  Especially beef and beers. We like beef and beers !


Mike Gospodarek

MG Apparel Local Experts

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