Oxford Valley Mall Days of Old


If you grew up in the Levittown area, chances are that you spent a good amount of your life at the Oxford Valley Mall. Unfortunately, change in the old mall game is inevitable and we’ll always remember it being better than it is now. But, the Oxford Valley Mall of the 70s and 80s had a classic style and really was beautiful. Hollywood noticed it, and immortalized on the silver screen in the late 80s. Here’s a look back at some old pictures and a short video of Michael Keaton making a very awkward phone call.

Clean and Sober (1988)

According to this Inquirer article, the movie Clean and Sober was filmed all around our area including Philadelphia, Cherry Hill and, lucky for us, the Oxford Valley Mall. Michael Keaton uses a fake phone booth that was installed close to the center of the first floor of the mall for the movie. You can clearly see the Hickory Farms and the Lerner Shop in the background as well as a woman enjoying a cigarette. Crazy.


No matter how often we fell into them, we’ll always miss them. Oxford Valley Mall had fountains out the ying-yang. Those penny collecting geysers and the ubiquitous trees gave the mall a real fresh, natural atmosphere that helped absorb the cigarette smoke. (click any image for a larger version)


Popular with skateboarders, toddlers and hamsters in a ball, the ramp that was at the center of the mall is missed by many. The area below the ramp had benches and more fountains which acted as a social hub where shoppers could take a break before enjoying two whole floors of Woolworth’s goodness.


Like many places in its time, the Oxford Valley mall of the 70s and 80s had a vintage look that’s hard to look back on with anything but fondness. The OVM of today seems lacking in style in comparising, but it’s merely a sign of the times. It’s still a great place to shop and someday people will be waxing nostalgic about Forever 21, Glow Golf and all of those nutty kiosks. It’s all cyclical, but I still consider myself lucky to have enjoyed the shopping complex in its hay-day. As well as Olga’s Kitchen.

Images from The original Oxford Valley Mall Facebook page and Malls of America

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  1. glow golf has been there for probly a year and ive never seen anyone in there or met anyone that has gone. im not sure how cyclical this all is, the mall literally looks worse. why would they make it look worse? why?!

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