Ordering Custom Printed Apparel for your buisness

Custom service is alive and well. So many businesses have moved their custom printed apparel orders to online, automated systems. We could see why within today’s personel departments. Companies couldn’t get even satisfactory help, deadlines were missed, less than average quality was being delivered.  That was where our mission started.  We have one system, it’s simple, serve our clients -

  1. See what they need, provide catalogues or images of recommended style(s)
  2. Help structure a budget based on clients needs and quanitiy price breaks
  3. Custom fit the staff with size samples to assure comfortable, fitted apparel.
  4. Deliver the finished product !

Not so complicated, right ?  We don’t think so either.  Look, even if you have some questions about your custom printed apparel, call our team so we can help guide you !

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Mike Gospodarek


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