“One Inch of Snow” Trailer Shows the Terror in Atlanta


When we get eight inches of snow, there are always those that live up north to laugh and point us as we panic, close schools and declare a state of emergency. Naturally, the more northerly your latitude, the more used to snow you are and the more fun it is to mock those who are less prepared in the south. Wherever you are, there’s always a portion of the country that is less accustomed to the white stuff. Well, maybe not for Atlanta.

Early this year, when the Atlanta area received just over an inch of snow it looked like a scene from the Walking Dead. The city was at a standstill and folks were trapped in their cars for up to 18 hours. Now that it’s all over we can all look back and laugh, maybe point and enjoy this fake movie trailer posted by youtube user Triloka Love:

Via YouTube and Triloka Love.

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