My Top 5 Silly or Inappropriate Street Names in the 41 Sections

William Levitt and company had the daunting task of naming roads and lanes in Levittown for 41 different sections. With so many thoroughfares, there were bound to be some peculiar selections.

#5. Butternut Road, Blue Ridge


I like butternut squash as much as the next guy but, as a road name, it’s a little on the silly side. I can just picture thirteen year old boys snickering and elbowing each other at the mention of it.

#4. Gun Road, Goldenridge


Gun used to be such a simple word. But, in these politically correct times, it can be quite polarizing. If Levittown were built today it’s very likely this road would have a different name.

#3. Burning Bush Lane, Birch Valley


Named after Euonymus alatus or, more commonly, the Burning Bush flowering plant, it also calls to mind the the bush that was on fire in Exodus, the second book of the Bible. Either way, I’m not too keen on associating the house that I live in with fire of any sort.

#2. Firebush Road, Forsythia Gate


This unfortunately named shrub is also one of Lindsay Lohan’s nicknames.

#1.  Hoe Road, Highland Park


In their defense, Levitt & Sons couldn’t predict the future of slang. Fortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a home on the road to bear the address.

What are the other roads and lanes in the Levittown sections have curious names? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Canoebirch rd. While ordering a part The parts guy at reedman/toll asked me politely can you spell that. Lol

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