My Levittowner for a McMansion?

Levittown homeowners who have lived here since 1952 will proudly tell you how they paid only $10,990 for their one-story home. If you sit and listen long enough, they will also tell you that for another thousand dollars they could have opted for a five bedroom version. Listen close, and you may hear the regret. Not the regret of buying into Levittown, but for the missed opportunity of something bigger. Bigger is better, right?

Since the 1950′s, many of Levitt’s ‘ticky tacky boxes’ have been expanded and remodeled from the inside to the outside. Asbestos siding replaced with aluminum or vinyl, original windows removed, dormers added, carports and garages closed in, all  to provide more space for living.

58 Kentucky Lane For Sale: $639,900

Take a ride down any Levittown street, and you will see the changes. I suppose, after 60 years, some change is to be expected. Apparently, even a complete tear down and re-build. That’s what happened over in Levittown’s Kenwood section.

This super-sized,’McMansion’, juxtaposed next to an asbestos-sided Jubilee, is the talk of Kentucky Lane. To my knowledge, there was no camera crew or shouts of ‘move that bus!” for this renovation. This prominent 3-story home is a sore thumb on a quiet street of  neatly lined Levitt built 2-story specials. It’s a monster of a house, complete with 5- bedrooms and 4-bathrooms. And? It is for sale. The asking price? Over 600-grand.



Who will buy this house?

I posed this question to local realtor, Jen Mandell-Sommerer, of RE/MAX Advantage. She shared, “It’s not going to help the sales in Kenwood, nor do I think it is going to really hurt the sales in Levittown. The home just does not fit the area. I feel if a buyer has $650,000 they are not going to look in the Levittown area, especially in Bristol Township for that price range. Our houses are selling just in the $200,000 range.”

What do you think?

For a closer look, check out the home’s interior here:Levittown McMansion




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