Levittown’s Urban Legends

We’ve all heard about urban legends, tales told for so long no one is sure if they are true. Every town has them, even Levittown. Here are some  “I -swear- it’s- true- Levittown stories I have found. The thing about urban legends is they grow with time, their origin difficult to determine. Enjoy these stories and take a moment to add yours, by clicking on the Comments link.    

Bolton Mansion

~ The Bolton mansion is said to have many ghosts, its most notable, Mary Morris.The young daughter of James Morris,  loved a man whose social status was beneath the prominent Morris family. Forbidden to see her true love, it is said that Mary  hanged herself in the main stairwell. On a night when the moon is full, Mary’s ghost can be seen peering out of an upstairs window.

 ~ ” Before we moved to Levittown, someone told my parents that you weren’t allowed to have dogs there, so we had to give our dog away. It turned out not to be true, so we got another dog.”


Midnight Mary

~ Legend has it, Midnight Mary can be found walking along Bordentown Road in Tullytown. “Mary”, as her ghost has been named, was driving to the prom with her date, back in 1935. Their truck veered off the road into the lake. Her body was never recovered but her ghost can be seen dancing on the lake, clad in her prom dress.

Levittown termite

~ “Levittown’s termite problem is a long time in the making. It’s been said that Levitt instructed his crews to dispose of building materials underneath the slab of each newly built house, therefore, creating a termite’s dream and years of termite problems.”

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