Levittowners Share What Comfort Is

I presented my loyal Facebook fans with a writing prompt, quite a few obliged.

The prompt was simple.

Finish this sentence “Comfort is….”

Comfort  comes in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has their own idea of what comfort is. The focus of this blog is to share with other Levittowners, your  comfort experience, and also to share things that may have made you feel not so comfortable. Neighbors helping neighbors, is the true beauty of this hyper-local niche website.

Here are some of the responses:


Christopher: Not having a $500.00 oil bill a month

Marie: a friend when you think you have no one!

 Ginchy: Waking up to the love of an adorable slobbering goofy bulldog. And what Christopher said.

Diane: looking out of a Levittown kitchen window, at a light snowfall,l in sweats, on a Saturday with a cup of hot chocolate!!!

Brenda: Being home with my children cuddled up with me!

What does COMFORT mean to you?

Join the conversation, and post in our Comments section.


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