Levittown Youtube Theater: Part 4 – Haunted Bolton Mansion Edition


While growing up in Holly Hill, hearing ghost stories about the Bolton Mansion was unavoidable. In this edition of Levittown Youtube Theater we explore the various attempts of ghost hunting at our favorite historic Levittown landmark.

There are multiple paranormal legends associated with the Bolton Mansion and everyone has their own version to tell. Most seem to include a woman named Mary and her Civil War era beau. It was a romance that would end with one of them hanging themselves in the main stairway. There are also tales of a little girl that can be seen peering out from the upper-floor windows or the mysterious woman that wanders between the barn and the east side of the mansion looking for someone.

Here’s a selection of videos collected from the Youtubes that attempt to tell the story of a haunted Bolton Mansion.

Garden State Ghost Hunters #6 Bolton Mansion*Preview Only* posted by unistarvideo

This is a preview of the 22-minute DVD Garden State Ghost Hunters released on October 17th, 2008. After a lengthy introduction (feel free to skip to the 1:10 mark to get to the Bolton Mansion part), the ghost hunters get down to business with their fancy paranormal recording equipment.

Bolton Mansion Channeler posted by Francis362003

In this video the Philadelphia Paranormal Group uses an infrared camera to help spot paranormal activity. Eventually the group becomes worried that their channeler, Nicole, is about to become possessed!

Bolton Smoke Thing submitted by Dawn Reichard

In April of 2010 the Private Paranormal Investigators were investigating the Tan Room of the Mansion. While her friend tries to strike up a conversation with a ghost, the camera operator notices a strange “smoke thing” passing in front of the camera.

Levittown, PA Paranormal Expo (part 4) submitted by Alan Fenstermaker

In June of 2011 the Bolton Mansion hosted a paranormal expo. We skipped ahead to part 4 where metaphysical enthusiasts experiment with communicating with the dead using dowsing rods.

Bolton Mansion posted by ArrivalVideo

Here’s a trailer for yet another haunted Bolton Mansion DVD release. This video gives a brief testimonial from different paranormal groups asserting that there is definitely something ghostly going on at the mansion.

Thanks for enjoying another edition of Levittown Youtube Theater. If there is a video you’d like suggest be presented in our next edition e-mail dan@levittowncomfort.com with your link or leave it in the comment section below.

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