Levittown Spotlight: Martin McLoughlin, The Healer

Watching what you eat and squeezing in exercise, are two things that can quickly  fall to the bottom of your list, when you’re a mom. Hectic mornings can mean bits of kids’ leftover waffles for breakfast, and chasing children as your only exercise. Whatever your excuse, or reason, whatever it is that’s keeping you from being a part of the whole fitness revolution, may change once you discover The Healer.

Levittown native, Martin McLoughlin (aka The Healer), is devoted to getting people into shape and keeping them there. As the owner of Extreme Fitness Personal Training, he provides weight loss, nutrition guidance, functional training, strength building, and most importantly lifestyle change. He and his staff take regular folks from ages 12 through 80 and get them back on track, or on track for the first time in their lives. Their method, the Extreme Fitness brand of training, is unique, fun and super effective.



Martin  moved to Levittown,  at the age of one, back in 1971. He attended Saint Michael the Archangel School and graduated from Bishop Egan High School. Growing up in the Appletree section of Levittown,  Martin recalls a childhood where exercise was a part of his life; whether in his backyard or at a local park. Over time, he began to notice the overall health of his community and the activity of neighborhood children slowly change with the introduction of  fast food restaurants and doughnut shops in the area.

When he returned from college, and moved back to Levittown, he noticed how quiet his street had become. No longer did he hear children outside playing. He wanted to change that, and began his path to fitness training. He had lived with physical fitness as a part of his life, and  wanted to teach others how to feel better, become more energetic and stronger through fitness.

In 2001, Martin became certified through ISSA (International Sports and Sciences Association) and is one of only two Certified Master Trainers in the State of Pennsylvania. He began his personal training business in the upstairs of his Appletree Rancher, a 250 square foot of training facility. Today,  his studio is over , 7000 square feet, with 7 trainers, hundreds of clients, and a name that is recognized by the entire local fitness community and beyond.
Visit their new location at  6 Headley Place, Fallsington PA, 19054. or call: 267-799-5622 for more information. Find them online, at www.extremefitnessPA and on  facebook.com/extremefitnesstraining.

To read more about Martin’s amazing story, and how he came back from a near fatal  accident, click here:

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  1. Best trainer and devoted lifestyle changer there is anywhere. I started training with him six years ago and have never looked or felt better. I love the challenges!

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