Levittown Mom Reflects on January

Hello, January!

As we welcome January, we reflect on the qualities of this quiet month.

January is special, as it is  the door to the new year. There is a lot of pressure to be January.

You’ve definitely got your work cut out for you.

What  with all the new gym memberships, diets, raw vegetables, Rubbermaid totes for organizing, tax returns, file purging.

Not to mention the whole holiday withdrawal thing happening.

That must be why they gave you all 31 days. You are going to need them.

I must say, for such a busy reorganizing month, you offer  little in the way of excitement.

When I look at you on the calendar, I only find one holiday.

Martin Luther King day was the best you could do?

You’re no December.

On the bright side, you do bring potential.

Each pending weather forecast, brings it with it hope for a snow day.

So, let’s go January, let’s see what you’ve got.

The world is watching.

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