Levittown Mom and the Errand Loop

I’m not sure when this habit formed. It’s quite possible it was around the same time that gas prices rose. I am referring, of course, to my uncanny ability to form an errand loop.

Allow me to explain.

I try to plan all of my errands for the same day, when I can. I also try to map my route to form a complete loop, without any backtracking.

A normal errand loop might find me heading from Shop Rite, to the Fairless Hills Post Office, then up to Target in Langhorne and back home to Levittown, closing the loop.

When things don’t fit in my loop, I tend not to venture there.

For example, I only frequent the Levittown Home Depot, as it is closer to my home. But, on more than one occasion I have found that they do not always stock the same inventory as the Langhorne store. This little inconvenience can completely disrupt my Levittown loop.

Back when my kids were younger, my loop only included drive thru establishments, ie: bank, gas, coffee, pharmacy, and fast food. On a rough day, I have, in the past, visited the drive – thru bank window with no money to deposit, no money to withdraw, simply to get a lollipop for a crying child, they obliged!

Now that I have school -age children, I am afforded the luxury of running errands sans kids. (I can honestly say that I do not miss those car seat days one bit.)

One would think with all of this freedom, I would not need such a regimented errand schedule. Then again, they may not know me very well. I thrive on routine and structure.

My weekly errand loop suits me just fine.

What’s your strategy for fitting in those necessary errand trips around Levittown?

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