Levittown Homeowners Are Saying Goodbye to Oil

Levittown homeowners, Elliot Rubinsky and Sarah Jonas, made a decision to change the way they heat their home. They no longer want to depend on their baseboard oil heat and have chosen to convert their home’s heating and air conditioning to an all electric service, but the decision didn’t come easy.

After more than two years as an automatic delivery oil contract customer, complete with maintenance agreement, with the same company, they found themselves one cold day in January without any oil to heat their home.They were shocked that a company that had delivered their oil for so long, could allow this to happen. To add to their frustration, they were told that they were going to be charged more per gallon for the emergency delivery of diesel that night and that it was their fault they had run out of oil. They continued to receive a their monthly bill for oil they never received. Frustrated and fed up, they decided to take the plunge and switch to an all-electric system.

Elliot and Sarah are currently in the process of having a complete HVAC system installed in their Levittown home. Their worry and concerns are not gone, with an oil tank in the ground,  necessary for heating water in their home, they still run a risk of an underground oil tank leak.

Like most homeowners who switch from costly oil deliveries to all electric, Elliot and Sarah look forward a monthly savings as well as taking advantage of incentives offered from PECO Energy .

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