Levittown Classic Movies Presents: Our Home Town


Welcome to the second in our series of Levittown Classic Movies. Our fist edition, Crisis in Levittown, Pa, tackled a heavy, albeit important, subject and in this edition we do a complete 180 as we take a look at a cheerful, young Levittown proud of it’s community and looking to show it off!


Produced for the Towne Theater, this classic 1954 film lightheartedly portrays Levittown in its infancy and highlights attractions and businesses from all over town. A march dominated musical score accompanies this movie while an occasional voiceover pops in from time to time to brag some more about our home town.


Back in the ’50s, movie houses were run much differently than they are today. You got to see a lot more than just a single feature with the purchase of a ticket. Typically you could expect a newsreel, cartoon or two or even a film like Our Home Town to go with your double feature.

In Our Home Town, along with our brief introduction and conclusion, you can expect just over twenty minutes of town pride, waving policemen and all kinds of warm fuzzies for your classic Levittown viewing enjoyment.

Documentary via Archive.org.

Host: Jim Barry

Produced by Dan Kelly Films.

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