Levittown Classic Movies Presents: Crisis in Levittown, PA.


Levittown is a proud community with a lot stories to tell. In this new series, we present to you the history of Levittown in cinematic form. While “borrowing” the style of a popular cable movie channel, we attempt to give these stories the telling and presentation they deserve. And, we couldn’t think of a more important story to start with than that of the Myers family; Levittown’s first African-American residents.

In 1957 William and Daisy Myers moved their family into the Dogwood Hollow section of Levittown and were met with racist harassment and threats from a small portion of the, previously, all white neighborhood. Eventually the situation would require intervention by state authorities as the Myers family refused to be chased from their home. Later, their case received national attention and Daisy Myers was hailed as “The Rosa Parks of the North”.


This video clocks in at just over 30 minutes so sit back, pop some corn and learn more about how our home town played a key role in the civil rights movement as we present the 1957 documentary Crisis in Levittown, PA.

Documentary via Archive.org.

Host: Jim Barry

Produced by Dan Kelly Films.

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