Levittown Area Rich in Local Flavor

Comfort FoodOver the last month, Levittown Comfort’s March Madness Facebook Challenge has spotlighted the very best in our locally owned and operated Pub’s and family restaurants.  From the beginning it was evident that we Levittowners are passionate about our local eateries.

The national chains were eliminated at the outset, while our local favorites demonstrated a following that nobody expected.

It’s been one tight race after another, each spot with a strong following of loyal patrons. Not only are they passionate about the food & drink, but about the place that makes them feel most comfortable, where they are among family & friends.  That’s really what it’s all about… keep it simple, keep it friendly and keep it local.

Levittown has created a lot of history over the past 60 years and these iconic Levittown establishments have made it much more enjoyable for all of us along the way.  We’ve been fortunate to have visited most of these places, but for us, the fun part has been learning so much about our local eateries that we didn’t know before this event.  Another high point has been the opportunity to witness the fun and good nature in which the owners and supporters have shared between each other during and after the contests.

I know we have some new places on our list that we want to check out, how about you?

Congratulations and thanks to all who’ve participated in our March Madness Challenge so far.  Levittown, we’ve done ourselves proud.

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