Leave the Etiquette


It’s November, in beautiful Bucks County! Chilly, sunny days are here. You know what that means…

Leaves, yes, lots of leaves on the ground. Personally, I like the way they make my lawn look. The colors are brilliant,especially when the sun shines. Golden yellow, purple, vibrant red and burnt orange. An Autumn blanket. We are lucky to live in an area with the change of seasons. Although  I have noticed, there is a definite buzz, at least, on my street about the way we remove our leaves.

There’s always one guy that has the latest and greatest leaf removal system. He’s the guy with the most beautiful lawn, not one blade of grass out of place. Then there’s the mulcher, the blower, the shoveler and my personal favorite, the good ol’ raker.  I am usually a procrastinator when it comes to leaf removal. I like to see the leaves decorate our lawns during this late fall season.

I have observed, over the years, there is a sort of  ”unspoken etiquette” that goes along with this leaf removal ritual. Some of us just go out and try to enjoy nature while we do our part.  Some neighbors feel that they are only obligated to remove the leaves from their own trees. Come on people, there are always going to be leaves blowing on your property that you do not have ownership of! Just relax! It’s unavoidable. Mother Nature’s in charge! Remember, it takes a village..

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