Know Your Local Wings: McStew’s Pub


Here at Levittown Comfort, we love us some buffalo wings! We also know that a decent wing isn’t always easy to find. Everyone knows what to expect from the chains like Buffalo Wild Wings and Wings-to-Go, but you never quite know what to expect when ordering from a local eating establishment. Some specialize in the wing, whereas others treat my favorite treat as an afterthought.

So, we’ve decided to start a series of blogs where we highlight the best wings you’ll find in and around the Levittown area. At least once a week, we’ll sample wings from around town and tell you all about the ones we like the best. The plan is to eventually create the ultimate, local buffalo wing guide that can help you decide who to call when you’re looking for a spicy kick of chicken-ey goodness (click any photo for a super-sized version).


We thought we’d start with the Bucks County Courier Times 2014 Wing Wars champ, McStew’s Pub. Formerly AJ’s, McStews is located on New Falls Road in Levittown near Bristol Oxford Valley Road. It’s embarrassing to admit; but, before this article, I’ve never been inside McStew’s (save for their takeout area).


This is my care package from McStew’s. I ordered 12 of their jumbo wings. There are nine different sauce choices listed on their website menu: insanity, hot, mild, sweet fire, honey BBQ, honey, teriyaki, lemon pepper & honey BBQ. I chose hot. I was also given a choice between ranch or blue cheese on the side. I chose blue cheese.


There’s the feast and there’s the tail of an orange cat that needs to be involved in everything that I do. Celery, handy-wipes, napkins; you, pretty much, get everything you need for your buffalo wing enjoyment.


McStew’s calls their wings jumbo and they’re certainly larger than your average wing. There was also plenty of hot sauce to go around. Speaking of which, I typically enjoy a ridiculously hot wing. This time I chose their 2nd hottest sauce to get an idea for what they consider hot. I’ll probably try insanity next time, but the hot surely had a decent kick to it. If you’re looking to keep a dry forehead, I suggest going farther down the heat scale. (friendly reminder: to see more detail, click any photo for a super-giant version)


I was happy to find that McStew’s offering was just about what I look for in a wing. They were crispy on the outside, tender inside and didn’t have that sat-in-a-freezer-too-long taste that you’ll find at some restaurants that neglect the wing. If I were to compare them to one of the big chains, I’d say that they’re reminiscent of Wings-to-Go, but bigger and local!


McStew’s wings get a big thumbs-up from me. They were a pleasant surprise and I’ll absolutely be going back. Since they’re larger than your typical wing, twelve was the perfect amount for a big appetite. I would proudly serve them at any sporting event party or any other excuse I could find!

If you’re looking to get your wing on, give McStew’s a try. If you’ve never been there before, you too may be taken aback by their quality wing. Call them at 215-949-9570 or visit their website. Keep an eye out for the next Know Your Local Wings article. I, for one, am seriously looking forward to it.


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