Know Your Local Wings: Darby O’Gill’s


Just a shade beyond the easterly end of Mill Creek Road is Darby O’Gill’s on Bristol Pike in Morrisville. The self-proclaimed “Irish pub with excellent grub” is known throughout the local buffalo wing underground as a place that deals a good drumstick. So, I thought I’d try them for the first time and see what the hubbub is all about. Spoiler alert: Those hubbubbers were onto something.

When we posted our first Know Your Local Wings article, the conversation about local wings was kicked off on our Facebook page. Everyone was excited to share their favorite place to eat that spicy treat and Darby O’Gill’s was recommended early and often. Most of our local wing connoisseurs suggested one of their famous rubs; they offer Cajun and jerk. Traditionally I prefer a sauce, but I thought I’d see what’s doing with this spice situation.


Here’s what I brought home from Darby’s. And, there’s that darn cat again that’s always up in my business. I ordered twelve wings with their Cajun rub. The sauces they offer include wimpy, sweet & spicy, honey BBQ, garlic, teriyaki, hot, turbo, and hotter than balls. Sweet chili was also offered, but is not represented on the MENU.


Here they are in all their closeup glory. Darby O’Gill’s wings are of average size, and above average crispness. On the inside the meat is tender and has a fall-off-the-bone quality that you don’t find everywhere. (Reminder: click any picture for a larger version)


As you can see, the cajun seasoning is plentiful, the blue cheese cup is generous and the celery fat and abundant. Even though the rub isn’t usually my first choice, I really liked these wings; which, I suppose, should garner them extra credit. I’ve never tried sweet chili before, so I’m anxious to try it next!


Darby O’Gill’s wings get an official thumbs up from me. The only difficult part of this review was making it from Darby’s all the way to Blue Ridge without tearing the bag open and going to town. On the bright side my car smelled great for the rest of the day! If you’re looking to Darby it up, you can check out their MENU and/or call them at 215-946-9744.

3 thoughts on “Know Your Local Wings: Darby O’Gill’s

  1. An acquaintance of mine is an alcoholic who frequents Darby’s nearly every night. He is the single father of a 3, the youngest of whom is a 13-year-old boy who lost his mom two years ago. This boy called Darby’s today searching for his father because he didn’t know where else to call. When he got in touch with a bartender, SHE LIED TO HIM ABOUT HIS FATHER’S PRESENCE trying to tell him he wasn’t there (even though it turns out he was). The man had been there from 3 – 10 PM (only leaving when his older children came by to drag him out of the bar) and was VISIBLY INTOXICATED FOR HOURS, he was NEVER cut off, and was going to drive home while completely drunk – and the bartenders did not do a single thing to stop him. This is ILLEGAL and this establishment should NOT have a liquor license. Do NOT support a place that has a blatant disregard for children, families, and the safety of the general public.

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