Know Your Local Wings: Bailey’s Bar & Grille


Our latest local wing article takes us to Bailey’s Plaza on Emilie Road where Bailey’s Bar and Grille, invites you to come for the wings and stay for the fun. Bailey’s wings have a solid reputation in Levittown and their all-you-can-eat wings Monday night special is legendary. We came for the wings, but retreated to review headquarters to show you what you can expect from a local favorite.

In our first two Know Your Local Wings articles I sampled wings from McStew’s then Darby’s, both were my first time. But, I’m no stranger to Bailey’s wings and have enjoyed more than my share of their Monday night marathons. They’re already a thumbs-up in my book and this takeout occurrence was no different.


This is what you get when you order 12 of Bailey’s wings. Their menu offers 12, 25 and 50 piece orders with sauces that include wimpy, turbo, garlic, garlic parm, nuclear, mild, hot, sweet & spicy, honey BBQ, inferno & death. You can see their menu here. My order came with plenty of blue cheese, celery and carrots for which to enjoy my flats and drummies.


As a veteran of the Bailey’s wings experience, I’ve already sampled many of their sauces. This time I thought I’d try something new. As much as death piqued my sadistic buffalo sauce interest, I decided to go with their garlic parm wings. (click any image to embiggen)


Typically, if someone is trying their wings for the first time, I would recommend starting with their sweet & spicy variety. It’s a crowd pleaser! At Bailey’s you’re getting a good-sized wing and this batch had a super crunchy texture that went exceedingly well with my Parmesan and garlic adventure! The coating was less “wet” than the typical sauced wing that I’m used to enjoying, but would recommend them nonetheless. The garlic and Parmesan flavors are bold and went well with a bonus blue cheese dunking or two.


It was another typical Bailey’s experience for me. I ordered wings, eagerly stuffed my face and was supremely satisfied. If you like a meaty, crispy wing and burping garlic for a week like I do, give these wings a try. Otherwise, the rest of their sauce choices are top-notch as well and you’ll likely agree. They get my official Levittown Comfort seal of approval and, if you’re looking to get your wing on, you can find them on Facebook, their website or call 215-946-7992.


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