It’s a Levittown Thing. You May Not Understand…


Growing up in Levittown you end up learning some things about our sections that help us get around town. They’re some of the things that endear us most about our hometown yet befuddle or amaze out-of-towners.

Do you remember the first time you corrected someone when they asked, “what development do you live in?” If you’re like most Levittowners you couldn’t correct them quickly enough, “Do you mean what section do I live in?” It may cause a raised eyebrow or be the beginning of a whole explanation about the forty-one sections of Levittown but, to us, it matters. We’re not just a part of some fancy development; we’re a part of a community of sections. From Thornridge to Plumbridge, each section is unique yet similar at the same time.

To the outsider, it would seem that every Levittowner has an uncanny ability to derive what section someone is talking about based on a street name alone. But, on the inside, we’ve observed enough to know that the first letter of every street name corresponds to the first letter of the section it’s in. For example, logic tells you that Apricot Lane can only be in Appletree Hill. But, what about Heather Lane? Is it in Highland Park or Holly Hill? That’s when we use another handy piece of Levittown logic. Since it’s Healther LANE and not Heather ROAD we can deduce that its section must lie east of Edgely Road; and, therefore, it must belong to Holly Hill.

One of the more unique aspects to each section is how the roads and lanes are laid out. Some sections seem to twist and turn forever and are much easier to get lost in. I’m looking at you North Park and Indian Creek! But, no matter how lost you get, you can always fall back on another Levittown rule to help find your way out. Always look for the drive. Each section has a drive named after the section itself that usually runs the perimeter of said section. So, when lost on Cotton Road, look for Cobalt Ridge Drive (south not north).

What else is unique about your section? Brag about your section and leave your comments below!

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  1. Actually As to your last statement about Cotton rd, The only drive it goes into is Cobalt ridge dr S. the other end goes into Crystal rd.

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