Homeowner Electrical Safety Tips from Kiss Electric

Electrical problems pic

Some Tips from Kiss Electric to prevent electric problems.
Do not to start working with electricity if you do not know how to safely handle the project !
  1. Do not manipulate an electrical appliance , unplug it before doing the repair job.
  2. If the work to be done is on a circuit,  turn off the power.
  3. Do not work in damp area’s or touch electrical equipment with wet hands.
  4. There should never a flexible cord under a carpet where it can deteriorate and leave electrical wires exposed.
  5. Never use staples to attach the wires to the wall. It could pierce the cable and leave hazardous risks
  6. If you have a damaged electric cable / cord, it is best to replace it with another and not try to repair it with tape.

If you have any questions about possible electrical hazards and would like to ask Joe a question, click on their logo below. They would be glad to help you.


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