Growing up in Levittown: Remember Gaudio’s?

If you grew up in Levittown, you remember the house in Kenwood with the living room window display at Christmas time. Growing up in Levittown, it became a family tradition for many.

We spent many Christmases stopping by to see the Kenwood House. This wasn’t your everyday holiday decorating. This house was not a drive-by. The house on Kenwood Drive was a house that demanded to be seen, up close.

Each year, we would press our noses against the glass of this Jubilee home. Their display sat facing out for all to enjoy. Villages, figurines and other magical Christmas treasures were displayed. It was such an exciting time.

I was always amazed at the family’s willingness to allow passersby to peer into their home.

Another Christmas stop, growing up in Levittown, was the Gaudio’s store in Levittown Shopping Center. Long before Home Depot and Wal Mart took residence on Levittown Parkway, Gaudio’s offered a wonderful Christmas display. As a kid, I don’t think I realized this place was a store. I really believed they set up these wonderful decorations, animated people, and elaborate trees for our enjoyment.

Like many things in Levittown, Gaudio’s is long gone, but I hear there is another magical Christmas place in Bucks worth seeing. Our friends at Bucks Happening have captured a visit to Feeney’s. Check it out here: Bucks

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  1. There was a house in Croydon that would have these large animatronic Xmas displays in glass cases in the front yard every year for the holidays…who remembers those?

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