Goodbye Christine’s, Hello Dot’s Dairy Bar!


We’re lucky to have so many great ice cream places in Levittown, but it’s particularly great when one is a walk or short bike ride away. That’s why, as a Blue Ridge resident, I was bummed to hear that “Christine” and her son wouldn’t be reopening this year. It was terrible timing for me, especially since I’m currently enjoying something of a sweet-tooth renaissance in my late 30s. So, I was thrilled to have spotted this while out and about in Levittown today. Thank you and welcome Dot’s Dairy Bar!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Christine’s, Hello Dot’s Dairy Bar!

  1. Don’t be too excited just yet. The person opening dots is a complete loser and will no doubt screw this up very quickly as he has every other place he’s been involved with. Rachaels hole in the wall cafe on New falls road was one of them. If anyone remembers that train wreck they know what I’m talking about

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