Fireworks for Sale in Levittown

Make-shift fireworks “stores” have become common place this time of year. I found this one on the corner of New Falls and Levittown Parkway. The pop-up store owners know that the corner lot is a prime location. Just ask the savvy businessman who sells blankets out of his van on cold winter weekends.

These “stores”, to use the term loosely, often set in front of a dilapidated building (that was once an actual store) are the equivalent of a new television placed on top of a larger, older model that has since died. They just don’t look pretty. While we’re on the topic of not looking pretty, how many check cashing places does one town need?

What do you think? Are any of these places they helping our economy? Are they adding to the beautification of Levittown? Are you annoyed wit them just like me?



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