Fall Beer

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Change of season brings change of Brews

Now that fall is in full gear, meals have shifted to hearty chili’s and meaty beef stew’s, football takes over our living rooms and out are the summer beers to make room for the seasonal brews filling the shelves and taps through out our area.

Summer time flavors are full of citrus and pale ales, fall traditionally is full of pumpkin-flavored brews and darker ales. But the what is most enjoyable is that we are in the harvest season right now, so hops are at their freshest. These fall brews are only around for a short time, so in other words, get your hands on one now!

Here is Time magazine’s ratings on a few fall brews… http://entertainment.time.com/2013/10/08/season-suds-rating-11-fall-beers/

Editor’s Note: The write up on the Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale is dead on!

If you have a favorite fall brew, please share it with is in the comments section below.  Enjoy!


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