Comfort Cup #3- Who has the best wings?

Game time! 
   The third running of the Comfort Cup is set to kick off. This time we are setting out to find the Levittown area’s best wings. We are combining social media voting as well as good ol’ fashion, hands on, taste testing!  Here’s the process.

We will have online “games” between 2 venue’s, which ever wing compiles the most votes that night moves on to the next round. Once the Final Four is established, then the hands on voting kick in.  We will be assembling a panel of 4 judges. These selected Levittown judges will be presented with each of the Final’s Four best flavor of wings.  From there our champion will be declared!
( we are also thinking about having a wing eating competition as part of the festivities )
LC Woman eating wings
   The voting will be the same online as our last 2 Comfort Cups, one vote person. Please remember that this is a fun community event, vote for you favorite of the night, add a few nice words if you wish, and help your choice move through the bracket.
  We will start contacting all the venues listed below, making sure they are okay with taking part in the event, and willing to submit a batch of wings if they reach the Final Four
  Here’s what need;
1. Judges – 2 ,males and 2 females.  Please send a quick email to telling us why you would make a GREAT judge.
2. Participation and engagement. Let’s have some fun, The way social media works is thru sharing.  Share the posts and have your friends join in on the voting.
The Field
Kris Croix
Sandy’s Beef and Ale
Irish Rover/Station
The Pines
Wagz Place
Puss N Boots
King George’s Inn
Dog N Bull
The Boro Pub
Hurricane’s Jack’s
Stadium Express
Chicken Holiday Wings
Red Raven Takeout
JB Dawson’s
Freshworks on 413
Club Capri’s
Curley’s at the Nest  KOC
Five Four Bar
Wings to Go  Fairless Hills
Millers Ale House
**NOTE**  The field is subject to change based on venue’s participation.


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