Spotlight On: Kari’s Cheesecakes & Bakery


A week ago I stopped by to meet Kari at Kari’s Cheesecakes and Bakery located in Bailey’s Plaza on Emilie Road. Since then I’m pretty sure that I’ve eaten more cheesecake and confections then I have my entire life. Seriously, I was a strange child that didn’t like sweets and have only recently developed a sweet tooth. Well, I’ve seen the light and am telling you that you need to stop by Kari’s charming Levittown bakery if you haven’t already.
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Spotlight On: 2nd Chance Books


There’s nothing like the comfort of cozying up with a good book. Recently we stopped by to meet Dale at 2nd Chance Books, a gently used bookstore in the Penn Valley Shopping Center on New Falls Road that specializes in fiction, romance and children’s books. But, no matter your fancy, you’re bound to find a good book that deserves a second look…

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Spotlight On: Build-a-Bash


Build-a-Bash is a local, mom owned and family run kid’s party entertainment service out of Goldenridge. For over nine years they’ve been taking the work out of having your child’s party in and around Levittown as well as serving the community. Get to know Jamielynn, her juggler, her DJ/wizard, and her muscle and learn all about the story of Build-a-Bash. Party on!
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Spotlight On: Beer-A-Rama


Levittown Shop-A-Rama, Rollerama, Luigi’s Pizzarama. Here in Levittown, we sure love our “Rama’s” and Beer-A-Rama is no exception. Located across from where the old Shop-A-Rama used to be on Levittown Parkway, Beer-A-Rama is a family owned and operated beer distributor and staple in Levittown for over 40 years. We stopped by to get to know them and to learn more about one of our favorite local businesses!
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Spotlight On: Tire-City


Winter has been wreaking havoc on our local roads this year. New potholes are showing up daily and has made the routine trip to the market more like a video game. If you’ve zigged when you should have zagged while avoiding a pothole and did damage to your tire or rim, where’s the best place to go? If you’re ask around our area, you’ll inevitably be recommended to Tire-City. Their reputation in our area is undeniable.
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Levittown Spotlight On…..

Steph Powers pic3
Today’s spotlight is on Steph Powers , a local makeup artist. Let’s find out a little bit about her,
Where did you grow up? 


I grew up in Fairless Hills, PA. My husband and I bought our first home in Levittown 7 years
ago. Levittown is home to many of my family members and friends.


What schools did you attend?


I attended Village Park Elementary, Charles Boehm Middle School and Pennsbury High School where I graduated in 1999.


Tell us about your family,


I have been married for 4 years. My parents have been married for 42 years and I was brought up in a supportive, loving family. My parents always pushed me to succeed and live my dream. I am the youngest of 2 siblings who have also, always stuck by my side. Even though my life is crazy busy I always make time for my family; they are my best friends.


What are some of your favorite things about Levittown?


What I always loved about Levittown is it is not hard to find a close-knit family like my own. Even though Levittown is so big it feels so small because of how close the community is. I always meet people who know someone from Levittown. When my husband and I were in Greece and few years ago we met a couple that went to Neshaminy High School and lived in Levittown. Even across the country it isn’t hard to find someone from our area. I also loved growing up here. I would be able to ride my bike through the sections to get to my friend’s house and I never had to cross a main road. It is comforting for parents to know that their kids can ride their bikes to a friend’s house and know they are likely to get there safe. It comforts me to know I will be able to raise my own children in Levittown someday and feel safe because there are so many wonderful people in this area looking out for each other.


What do you like about Levittown Comfort’s Facebook page?


I came across the Levittown Comfort page about a year ago and it I has been my daily dose of information. I love that they post events going on in the community and local news. It brings our community together. I have found a few restaurants in the area from the Levittown Comfort page that I didn’t know existed and they are all fantastic. Levittown Comfort is such a great page for our community! I love that they are bringing Levittown closer than ever, one post at a time.  Keep up the great work Levittown Comfort, I don’t know what my family and I would do without you.


Tell us about your business:


I am a freelance makeup artist and have been in the industry for 7 years. I started working the counter at MAC Cosmetics. I went to school for makeup at Jean Madeline Aveda Institute and got certified in makeup and airbrush makeup. I have taken on many pro classes with some of the greatest artists in the industry.  I am now running a successful part time makeup artistry business. Makeup is my love and passion, though. I am known in the area for being the lead makeup artist for many Levittown brides and photographers. I have worked for many outstanding photographers in this area and the surrounding area along with other artists, stylists and models. I have worked for designers for NYC Fashion Week and Philly Fashion Week and also did make up for the NBC Network.  I don’t plan on stopping there. I plan on continuing my dream as a certified makeup artist and working along some of greats in the industry. I work extremely hard for the things I want and I always tell myself, “with hard work, passion and positivity you can reach the stars’’.


Thanks so much Steph, and thanks for the nice words about our page !! Levittown, check out Steph’s face book page here…  and her website …


If you know anyone that we should shine the spotlight on, please send us some contact info to Lynne at
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