Oxford Valley Mall Days of Old


If you grew up in the Levittown area, chances are that you spent a good amount of your life at the Oxford Valley Mall. Unfortunately, change in the old mall game is inevitable and we’ll always remember it being better than it is now. But, the Oxford Valley Mall of the 70s and 80s had a classic style and really was beautiful. Hollywood noticed it, and immortalized on the silver screen in the late 80s. Here’s a look back at some old pictures and a short video of Michael Keaton making a very awkward phone call.
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The Great Levittown Crossword Puzzle


I love crossword puzzles and I love Levittown! So, I thought that I would love a Levittown crossword puzzle. Unfortunately, I made it, so I know all the answers. But, hopefully you love crossword puzzles and Levittown. Because, if you do, you’ll love my new Levittown themed crossword puzzle. Since we’re expecting a hefty winter storm tomorrow, you may want to plan ahead and print out the PDF version, just in case. Otherwise, please enjoy your Great Levittown Crossword Puzzle.

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Sesame Days of Old

sesame-place-logoSesame Place in Langhorne, PA opened its beak, er, doors in July of 1980. And, sure enough, I was there in 1980. Lost on the four year old version of me was how unlikely and cool it was having a water park ten minutes from home. Not lost on four year old me was that it was Sesame Street themed, had a Big Bird bridge and soft pretzels with sesame seeds! Okay, I hated the sesame seed soft pretzel. Just didn’t get it. But, most of the things that I actually enjoyed that year are gone forever.
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Take Good Care of Your Future Levittown Memories


In the late 70s/early 80s this Christmas display in Croydon featured a blow-up snow man that fascinated me. Does anybody remember this?

When was the last time you looked through an old, physical photo album. More importantly, when was the last time you put one together? Has your reliance on digital devices made you neglect protecting your memories? If you’re not still in the habit of printing your photos then you should really consider putting together a good data backup plan.
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