A Look Back at the Worst Winter Ever, This Year!


This weekend is going to be beautiful. And, now that winter finally feels over-ish, we can all look back at the horror of the past season and have a good chuckle. Remember when it was freezing all the time, we lost power and battled with severe depression? HA! Good times. Well, it’s time to get happy and relive those hilarious images of the not distant enough past as we say good riddance to Old Man Winter.
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The Legend of Byberry


Growing up in Levittown I heard a lot of creepy stories about Byberry. Officially the Philadelphia State Hopsital, it was a mental institution off Roosevelt Boulevard that opened in 1907. After it finally closed in 1990, urban legends spread about insane patients being released to the streets, Satanists roaming its vacant halls and secret underground tunnels. It turns out all of these were true, but it pales in comparison to the real horrors that took place while the asylum was still in commission.
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