International Holocaust Remembrance Day & Levittown Legend David Wisnia

DaveWisnia01Last summer on a warm June afternoon, our three man crew showed up at David Wisnia’s house in Red Rose Gate to film an interview. The video was sponsored by ECI in Bensalem and neither of the two of us from Levittown Comfort had ever heard David’s story before. Ron, from ECI, met David over twenty-five years ago while out to service his heater. David told Ron his incredible story of Holocaust survival on his visits and it’s one of those stories that you don’t forget.

Ron suggested that we record Mr. Wisnia’s compelling story so that it could be shared with all the rest of Levittown, and the world. Meeting David was a pleasure. He’s humble, friendly and has a contagiously positive attitude. He spoke to us of his Holocaust experience for about ninety minutes.He’s an excellent story teller and not knowing what to expect from this interview, I was floored by his jaw-dropping account of survival. And, now his story will always be with me.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out Dave Wisnia’s story for yourself. Levittown Patch did and they interviewed us for an article that they posted here. Also, take a moment to reflect on this International Holocaust Remembrance Day for all the victims of the Holocaust disaster.

The David Wisnia Story – Holocaust Survivor from Levittown, PA

Levittown Spotlight On…….


LC spotlight on Shea pic

Meet Shea Andress !  Shea was our 41 Sections trivia winner.  Shea is sporting her winning t-shirt from Jim and the gang at


LC: Tell us a little bit about yourself
Shea:  Ok, a bit about me…!!!!!
I grew up in Stonybrook, currently reside in Magnolia Hill
I am a teacher.. my passion in life. Would be a Pediatrician as my 2nd choice!
I am married to Jim Martell.. I have 2 sons, Noah 13 & Charlie 3  &  2 stepson Jake 13, Joseph 11
I attended St. Michael the Archangel for grade school.. Conwell-Egan Catholic for HS… Holy Family University for college
We are VERY  active and involved  with our boys sports.. TONS of baseball with the older boys and Soccer for Charlie
My favorite place on earth is Disney World… I love being with my family! I love to go to the beach, read, shop, LOVE the outdoors, amusement parks, art & crafts.. LOVE to dance.. I am a sucker for old architecture(old school building, historic homes) could spend hours touring and taking it all in.
As my children grow older, I plan to travel.. spend A LOT more time in the South. Also,  Italy, Hawaii, Greece are a few on my bucket list
.favorite shows are Parenthood & NCIS..
LC: Tell us some of your favorite things about growing up in Levittown…
Shea; Favorite thing about growing up in Levittown was the street where I grew up… we had so many kids/friends on our block & in the immediate sections that we always had something to do.. a few favorites. Swimming in the Brook Pool, man hunt, riding our bikes, going to the shopping center, walking to the old Levittown Eastern for Big League Chew bubble gum.. it was simple, but I wouldn’t change a thing, but always fun!!! My mom was great.. she always let the neighborhood hang out at our house.. we would play basketball on the driveway, listen to music as we got older. And when those street lights came on.. that was it.. we scattered until the next day!!!!! We had great neighbors. Most had been there as long as the house had been. I always felt safe.. I knew someone would be there if I needed help. I didn’t even own a house key until I moved into my own house b/c we never locked the door.. we didn’t have to!!
LC;  Thanks Shea, lastly, tell us what you like about our Levittown Comfort page…
Shea; I like following the Levittown Comfort page b/c I keeps me up to date with all the happenings in the area. I like to see the events that get posted and local news.. Also, the contests and pictures keep our scary world, light! Keeps it simple.. like it used to be.. we need more of that!!
Thanks so much for sharing Shea !!
Levittown, if you have someone who you would like us to put the Spotlight On, contact Lynne at

Levittown’s Urban Legends

We’ve all heard about urban legends, tales told for so long no one is sure if they are true. Every town has them, even Levittown. Here are some  “I -swear- it’s- true- Levittown stories I have found. The thing about urban legends is they grow with time, their origin difficult to determine. Enjoy these stories and take a moment to add yours, by clicking on the Comments link.    

Bolton Mansion

~ The Bolton mansion is said to have many ghosts, its most notable, Mary Morris.The young daughter of James Morris,  loved a man whose social status was beneath the prominent Morris family. Forbidden to see her true love, it is said that Mary  hanged herself in the main stairwell. On a night when the moon is full, Mary’s ghost can be seen peering out of an upstairs window.

 ~ ” Before we moved to Levittown, someone told my parents that you weren’t allowed to have dogs there, so we had to give our dog away. It turned out not to be true, so we got another dog.”


Midnight Mary

~ Legend has it, Midnight Mary can be found walking along Bordentown Road in Tullytown. “Mary”, as her ghost has been named, was driving to the prom with her date, back in 1935. Their truck veered off the road into the lake. Her body was never recovered but her ghost can be seen dancing on the lake, clad in her prom dress.

Levittown termite

~ “Levittown’s termite problem is a long time in the making. It’s been said that Levitt instructed his crews to dispose of building materials underneath the slab of each newly built house, therefore, creating a termite’s dream and years of termite problems.”

Levittown’s 60th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday June 23,  2012, Bolton Mansion, Levittown , PA

When I signed up to volunteer at the Levittown 60th Anniversary celebration, I envisioned a day of selling pretzels and water, and maybe seeing some familiar faces. Having lived in Levittown for most of my life, I was excited to play a part in a day focused on honoring its history. What I got, was a whole lot more.

By mid-afternoon, I was pulled from pretzel and water duty and assigned a seat as an interviewer for Levittown oral histories.  As a writer, I appreciate the importance of people and their stories, and on this day I got to hear quite a few. I listened to stories of Levittown,and its beginning, direct from the people who were there.

I heard stories about young brides moving to Levittown, some not even old enough to sign the deed. Housewives who spent their days scrubbing black tile floors, impossible to keep clean, from the dirt of a brand new housing development. Husbands, who on return from second shift work, were challenged to find which house was theirs, on a street of identical new homes. Streets filled with loads of children, spending their days watching homes being built. It was a magical time for many young families, all living the American dream. Many of the people who reminisced about the early days of Levittown, and the house they bought in 1952, still occupy them today, 60 years later.

Local politicians with ties to the town, joined the celebration. Jim Cawley, Pennsylvania’s  Lieutenant Governor, was on hand to share his Levittown story. Cawley, who was raised in the Appletree section, shared that he also spent some time living in the Bolton Mansion on Holly Hill Drive, as a caretaker of the property. Pennsylvania State Representative Tina Davis, though not a Levittown native, was there to celebrate with her constituents.

It was a day to honor the legacy that is Levittown. A day to be proud of being a part of this community that has stood the test of time. Only hours after the  close of the celebration, conversations had already begun planning a Levittown’s 65th Anniversary celebration.