Bolton Farm Cemetery: A Levittown Easter Egg


In pop culture speak, the term Easter egg represents some secret, little known, hidden object or event usually found in software and games. If Levittown has an “Easter egg” of its own it would be this hidden, historical gem located along Levittown Parkway in the Holly Hill section. Perhaps centuries old, this timeworn graveyard is home to the memorials of some of the Bolton Mansion’s earliest residents.
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Simone Levitt: The Widow Levittown


Most who live in Levittown, Pa are familiar with William J. Levitt and his accomplishments, but what do we really know about William J. Levitt the man? In a recent article posted by New York Magazine, Levitt’s surviving widow, Simone, gives us and interesting insight into the father of our humble town, how they lived when he was one of the richest men America and why she now lives in a small, rented apartment in New York at age 84.
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Levittown Classic Movies Presents: Crisis in Levittown, PA.


Levittown is a proud community with a lot stories to tell. In this new series, we present to you the history of Levittown in cinematic form. While “borrowing” the style of a popular cable movie channel, we attempt to give these stories the telling and presentation they deserve. And, we couldn’t think of a more important story to start with than that of the Myers family; Levittown’s first African-American residents.
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Growing up in Levittown: Remember Gaudio’s?

If you grew up in Levittown, you remember the house in Kenwood with the living room window display at Christmas time. Growing up in Levittown, it became a family tradition for many.

We spent many Christmases stopping by to see the Kenwood House. This wasn’t your everyday holiday decorating. This house was not a drive-by. The house on Kenwood Drive was a house that demanded to be seen, up close.

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Mom Arrested for Letting Kids Play Outside


I rarely dare to start a sentence with ‘when I was a kid..” for fear of sounding old. But, this story prompts the urge. Growing up in Levittown in the 1970′s, the neighborhood streets and fence-less yards were our playground. Parents busied themselves with yard work and home improvement projects, while we roamed the town. It was completely acceptable back then. The kids on my street, were no stranger to a game of ‘kick the can’, kickball, wiffle ball, flash light tag or manhunt, the last two, for obvious reasons, only played at night. On school nights, our curfew was determined by the glow of the street lights, or the cue from  our father ; his distinct whistle. That was when we knew it was time to head home and get a bath. Whatever the case, parents did not supervise these outings, nor were they expected to.

So, what has changed? Why are we now more cautious than ever with our kids? And why was this Texas mom arrested for allowing her kids to play outside?

Video: Mom Arrested for Letting Kids Play Outside

Do you miss the way things used to be? Do you hover over your kids, or let them roam free? Share YOUR story in the Comments section.

Sign of the Times


Long before Facebook wall posts and Twitter feeds, residents of Levittown relied on a weekly newspaper for their local news.

The following excerpt was found in The Levittown Times, circa 1952:
“We [The Levittown Times] have been requested by the Slater family of Levittown to inform new residents that the warranty card for the stove may be found in the broiler, under the chrome rack. Don’t accidentally burn it. It’s important.”
The Levittown Times–”Levittown’s Home Newspaper” was a great resource for residents of the new community. This local paper featured only stories concerning residents of Levittown. Anyone living in another community, would have found this paper of little interest.

Some popular features included an “Around Town”, filled with birth announcements and gossip, along with “For Women Only”, focused on the Levittown woman and her household duties.

Levittown Comfort is YOUR Levittown Times. This blog is designed to provide Levittowners with valuable information, from Levittowners. Unlike a weekly newspaper, this blog allows for immediate response. At Levittown Comfort, your stories and comments are encouraged and welcome.


These findings and more are shared by Dr. Chad Kimmel, the immediate past president of the Pennsylvania Sociological Society. His research interests include the Levittown Heritage Oral History Project, Traditions of Deviance Project, and the Pennsylvania Sociological Association Archival Project. To read more, click here :

Levittown’s Comfort Food


Comfort foods do just that, they make us feel better. Their mere ingredients mixed with love can evoke memories, instantly providing comfort. It’s a feel-good kind of food that serves up a heaping helping of nostalgia.

Maybe it’s the food you loved when you were a kid. Maybe it’s a simple treat you remember from long ago, that you crave and miss. Maybe you packed up and moved away, or maybe your favorite food spot did. Whatever the case, comfort foods can cure many ills.

Quite often, comfort foods bring calories along with comfort. They don’t have to be good for you, they just have to make you feel good. That’s the beauty of comfort food, it can be anything.

Many fun food places have long left Levittown. Some are still around. One of my favorite places as a kid was Pizza Star, on Woerner Avenue. It was our family’s Friday stop for take-out pizza. When I was old enough, it became my favorite hangout with  friends, making the trek from the Red Cedar section for a great deal. Back then a $1.00 could get you a slice of pizza and a small soda.


On summer nights, a special treat was  Dairy Delite on Woodbourne Road. Although, we never referred to it as Dairy Delite, never even knew that was the name. To us it was (and still is) the Cuckoo clock. Because many years ago, that’s what sat at the top of that building where the cone is now.


If you could bring back your favorite Levittown comfort food, what would it be?



Levittown Nostalgia

Let’s face it, we Levittowners are nostalgic. We love  old pictures, old stories, and good old memories. It’s important to remember our past. How can you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been?

It’s amazing that many of the places and businesses we remember as kids, still exist today. Whether it’s eating an ice cream cone at the ‘coo- coo clock’ – Dairy Delite, driving past the “Penndel airplane”, or a winter time oil delivery from the Meenan Oil guy, these memories take us back to a simpler time.

We want to hear your Levittown Comfort memory. This is your place to share.

What symbolizes Levittown for you?






Levittown Design

Levittowners living in any of the two-story models, know all about the second floor comfort challenge. These upstairs bedrooms, originally built as unfinished attic space, tend to be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Back in 1952, William Levitt and his sales team provided homeowners with ideas on how to convert the space into additional bedrooms.

These helpful how – to’ s, were designed to assist  Levittown homeowners (men) in finishing the upstairs attic of a Levittown home, while the women were left to focus on decorating the rest of the house. To read more about Levittown decorating trends from the 1950′s , check out: LevittownDecorating

Levittowners learn how-to remodel attic space