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Meet Shea Andress !  Shea was our 41 Sections trivia winner.  Shea is sporting her winning t-shirt from Jim and the gang at  fortyonesections.com


LC: Tell us a little bit about yourself
Shea:  Ok, a bit about me…!!!!!
I grew up in Stonybrook, currently reside in Magnolia Hill
I am a teacher.. my passion in life. Would be a Pediatrician as my 2nd choice!
I am married to Jim Martell.. I have 2 sons, Noah 13 & Charlie 3  &  2 stepson Jake 13, Joseph 11
I attended St. Michael the Archangel for grade school.. Conwell-Egan Catholic for HS… Holy Family University for college
We are VERY  active and involved  with our boys sports.. TONS of baseball with the older boys and Soccer for Charlie
My favorite place on earth is Disney World… I love being with my family! I love to go to the beach, read, shop, LOVE the outdoors, amusement parks, art & crafts.. LOVE to dance.. I am a sucker for old architecture(old school building, historic homes) could spend hours touring and taking it all in.
As my children grow older, I plan to travel.. spend A LOT more time in the South. Also,  Italy, Hawaii, Greece are a few on my bucket list
.favorite shows are Parenthood & NCIS..
LC: Tell us some of your favorite things about growing up in Levittown…
Shea; Favorite thing about growing up in Levittown was the street where I grew up… we had so many kids/friends on our block & in the immediate sections that we always had something to do.. a few favorites. Swimming in the Brook Pool, man hunt, riding our bikes, going to the shopping center, walking to the old Levittown Eastern for Big League Chew bubble gum.. it was simple, but I wouldn’t change a thing, but always fun!!! My mom was great.. she always let the neighborhood hang out at our house.. we would play basketball on the driveway, listen to music as we got older. And when those street lights came on.. that was it.. we scattered until the next day!!!!! We had great neighbors. Most had been there as long as the house had been. I always felt safe.. I knew someone would be there if I needed help. I didn’t even own a house key until I moved into my own house b/c we never locked the door.. we didn’t have to!!
LC;  Thanks Shea, lastly, tell us what you like about our Levittown Comfort page…
Shea; I like following the Levittown Comfort page b/c I keeps me up to date with all the happenings in the area. I like to see the events that get posted and local news.. Also, the contests and pictures keep our scary world, light! Keeps it simple.. like it used to be.. we need more of that!!
Thanks so much for sharing Shea !!
Levittown, if you have someone who you would like us to put the Spotlight On, contact Lynne at lynne@levittowncomfort.com

Texting & Driving, really??

young woman driving on highway while reading / writing text on smart phone.
I know we are living in a world of technology. I get it! What I don’t get is how can people still drive and text after all of the horrible accidents and innocent lives that have been lost by this ridiculous practice. I must admit, I have glanced at a text that I received while at a red light. It’s never something that is so urgent, that it cannot wait until you arrive at your destination. I had an overwhelming feeling of guilt and have since made a promise to myself that I will not even look at a text until I am safely off of the road.

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Levittown Area Rich in Local Flavor

Comfort FoodOver the last month, Levittown Comfort’s March Madness Facebook Challenge has spotlighted the very best in our locally owned and operated Pub’s and family restaurants.  From the beginning it was evident that we Levittowners are passionate about our local eateries.

The national chains were eliminated at the outset, while our local favorites demonstrated a following that nobody expected.

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Levittown’s, Kelli Haskins, Needs Your Vote to Win the Pillsbury Bake Off!

Kelli Haskins Pillsbury Bake Off Levittown Bensalem E-HouseWe had the great fortune last night to meet up with Levittown’s, Kelli Haskins, at the E-House in Bensalem where she was giving out samples of her Smoky Chorizo Pizza, a top 100 finalist recipe in the Pillsbury Bake Off.

“I took things I do already and incorporated it in a seven ingredient recipe,” she said. “I like to take flavors that people aren’t familiar with and present them in a familiar way to open the door for them. I used great ingredients from Spanish cooking—chorizo, sherry vinegar, peppers—and put them in a pizza recipe,” she said.

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Bensalem Fall Festival is Tomorrow

According to the local weather forecast, this weekend promises to really feel like Fall. With cooler temperatures, and leaves falling, it’s a perfect weekend for a fall festival. That’s exactly what they’re doing in Bensalem. Consider packing up the children, and taking a short to drive to check out the annual  Bensalem Fall Festival. The day promises to be filled with Moon Bounces, Zoo animals, a car show, a band, and so much more.

2011 Bensalem Fall Festival~ My Express Oil Booth

There will also be many Bensalem businesses on hand throughout the day. Be sure to stop by and visit the booth of one of our sponsors, My Express Oil ,  for your chance to win 100 gallons of FREE oil. Just for entering, you will receive a coupon for a FREE pumpkin ice cream sandwich from Uncle Dave’s Homemade Ice Cream.

The festivities end with fireworks at dusk. What a great way to spend a crisp fall day!

Revisiting Levittown Homeowners: How’s the new AC working?


Back in July, in the midst of a heat wave, I introduced to you to a Levittown couple in  in the process of an HVAC installation. If you recall, they made the decision to switch to an all-electric heating and air conditioning system and had Mitsubishi Ductless Splits and a Mitsubishi ducted unit with a ceiling cassette  installed by ECI Comfort Solutions www.ecicomfort.com


To refresh your memory, Levittown homeowners, Elliot Rubinsky and Sarah Jonas, made a decision to change the way they heat their home. They no longer want to depend on their baseboard oil heat and have chosen to convert their home’s heating and air conditioning to an all electric service, but the decision didn’t come easy.

After more than two years as an automatic delivery oil contract customer, complete with maintenance agreement, with the same company, they found themselves one cold day in January without any oil to heat their home.They were shocked that a company that had delivered their oil for so long, could allow this to happen. To add to their frustration, they were told that they were going to be charged more per gallon for the emergency delivery of diesel that night and that it was their fault they had run out of oil. They continued to receive a their monthly bill for oil they never received. Frustrated and fed up, they decided to take the plunge and switch to an all-electric system.

Elliot and Sarah have only had 7 weeks with the system fully functional, but had this to say, “It was quieter than the wall AC and we did save some money. I suspect the winter will be more flattering.”

I will definitely check back with them after this winter, to see how they feel about abandoning their oil heat for good.

Levittown Spotlight: Martin McLoughlin, The Healer

Watching what you eat and squeezing in exercise, are two things that can quickly  fall to the bottom of your list, when you’re a mom. Hectic mornings can mean bits of kids’ leftover waffles for breakfast, and chasing children as your only exercise. Whatever your excuse, or reason, whatever it is that’s keeping you from being a part of the whole fitness revolution, may change once you discover The Healer.

Levittown native, Martin McLoughlin (aka The Healer), is devoted to getting people into shape and keeping them there. As the owner of Extreme Fitness Personal Training, he provides weight loss, nutrition guidance, functional training, strength building, and most importantly lifestyle change. He and his staff take regular folks from ages 12 through 80 and get them back on track, or on track for the first time in their lives. Their method, the Extreme Fitness brand of training, is unique, fun and super effective.



Martin  moved to Levittown,  at the age of one, back in 1971. He attended Saint Michael the Archangel School and graduated from Bishop Egan High School. Growing up in the Appletree section of Levittown,  Martin recalls a childhood where exercise was a part of his life; whether in his backyard or at a local park. Over time, he began to notice the overall health of his community and the activity of neighborhood children slowly change with the introduction of  fast food restaurants and doughnut shops in the area.

When he returned from college, and moved back to Levittown, he noticed how quiet his street had become. No longer did he hear children outside playing. He wanted to change that, and began his path to fitness training. He had lived with physical fitness as a part of his life, and  wanted to teach others how to feel better, become more energetic and stronger through fitness.

In 2001, Martin became certified through ISSA (International Sports and Sciences Association) and is one of only two Certified Master Trainers in the State of Pennsylvania. He began his personal training business in the upstairs of his Appletree Rancher, a 250 square foot of training facility. Today,  his studio is over , 7000 square feet, with 7 trainers, hundreds of clients, and a name that is recognized by the entire local fitness community and beyond.
Visit their new location at  6 Headley Place, Fallsington PA, 19054. or call: 267-799-5622 for more information. Find them online, at www.extremefitnessPA and on  facebook.com/extremefitnesstraining.

To read more about Martin’s amazing story, and how he came back from a near fatal  accident, click here:

Levittown Spotlight: Kisses for Kyle Foundation

Sharon Snyder started the Kisses for Kyle Foundation back in 1998 in memory of her first son, Kyle. Diagnosed with Leukemia just  3 weeks before his 2nd birthday, Kyle lost his life to the disease just eight months later. Several years after his passing,  a memorial fund in Kyle’s name became the Kisses for Kyle Foundation.
This non- profit organization supports families of children battling cancer, in the Delaware Valley. One in every 330 children will develop cancer. While Kisses for Kyle cannot take away the diagnosis, they can help alleviate the added stresses by providing financial assistance and special experiences the entire family can cherish. It is their mission to make a positive impact on local families fighting the same fight they fought, and in Kyle’s beautiful memory.
Kisses for Kyle provides support for the entire family from the time of diagnosis to  completion of  treatment. Their support covers bills,  mortgage, rent, utilities, automobile, food, gas, funeral expenses and more. They also provide  gift cards and certificates, special experiences, gift giving program, as well as an annual wish list drive, hosting parties and bringing families together in a variety of ways. After 11 years, Sharon Snyder is proud to say that she and her organization have helped hundreds of local families in her son’s name.
To learn more about this organization, visit their website, www.kissesforkyle.org Find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter: @Kissesforkyle

Levittown Spotlight: Scream 4 America

Karen DelRosso likes to scream. An avid horror movie fan, and haunted house actor, she  likes make other people scream, too. So when she decided to start her own non-profit organization to help local veterans, it seemed only natural that she name it Scream 4 America. The organization follows the motto: “creatures and civilians united for our veterans”. Karen and her Scream crew are raising money for local Vietnam Veterans organizations in Lower Bucks County.

Karen had a dream to start her own  non-profit as far back as she can remember. She just wasn’t sure where to start. She was familiar with  Make-A- Wish Foundation and The Red Cross, both around for decades. She wondered if she would ever be able to start something of her own, something that would support a cause close to her heart.

Feeling  overwhelmed, she decided to scrap the whole non-profit idea. Then, about 6 months ago, she attended a horror convention and had an idea. A horror fan all of her life, Karen has attended numerous events and conventions. This time was different. She noticed the long list of horror fans, actors, haunted house owners, and representatives from various Haunts  who were raising money for their own causes: anti-bullying burn victims,inner city schools, even smaller non profits  raising money for children’s hospitals and breast cancer.  She realized that many of these organizations were being run by everyday people, just like her. She decided that she could do the same.

Karen decided to start a non-profit organization to assist local veterans, a  cause  near to her  heart. Karen’s husband is a retired US Navy Sailor, her dad is also a retired Marine. She has been surrounded by the military her whole life, grandfather, uncles,even her  father in law.

A fan of horror films her entire life, Karen has worked for a local haunt, Festival of Fears,  for many years. She takes pride in being a part of such a great community. Karen realizes that  many people in what she refers to as ” mainstream America” or “horror civilians” don’t understand that the horror community isn’t as strange or dark as they may seem. They are actually some of the most compassionate and open- minded people you will ever meet.

Karen and her husband, Vince live in Levittown with their two cats, Schmidt and Carter.   To learn more about Scream 4 America, visit their facebook page :


~*Scream 4 America*~
Creatures and Civilians United for a Common Good!